Announcing Make Publishing Fun

As a happiness, wellness and productivity person, the horror stories I heard about aspiring authors feeling lost, sad, and completely out-of-balance made me MAD.

I felt that I needed to do something about it. After all, I was able to publish four bestselling and award winning books in just just three years, and I had to start from scratch learning about the industry.

I have seen many aspiring authors burn themselves out.

I’ll never forget the moment my first publisher asked me to come and attend a speaking event that one of their top authors was giving at a conference. The poor guy was pale, exhausted, and looked of poor health. My hubby looked at me and said:  “Are you SURE you want to be a published author!?”

I DID really want to become an author.

But I didn’t want to sacrifice my health, relationships and happiness. I want to have some FUN in life.

Do you need some help to Make Publishing Fun?

Learn more about the program here, and let me know if you’d like to join me on my (free) upcoming webinar.

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