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I’ve been talking a lot about the somewhat taboo topic, TRAUMA, on my podcast (Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons).

When I first started these conversations several years ago, I assumed that trauma was something that did not apply to most people.

I was wrong.

As I began my certification process for Brainspotting, I met person after person at my training sessions and intensives that processed incredible stories of trauma (including myself) that are simply part of normal human life.

Today I’m part of an anthology and summit where women are incredibly vulnerable about their trauma experiences. We have also been extremely open about how these experiences actually helped us in building what we call “Soul Success”.

The anthology and summit are the dream of my friend and founder of Soul SuccessⓇ, Megan McCann.

As we submitted the book to the publisher, the pandemic rocked our world to its core. We are all experiencing a new normal and for many of us, a trauma that we have never seen before (“existential trauma”).

Want to learn more?

You can read about the story in the Summer edition of Sun Valley Property News here.

The link to the book on Amazon is here.

And you are also invited to go deeper with many of the contributing authors in the online SOUL SUCCESS SUMMIT where you get a behind the scenes look into the making of our book and the raw stories that inspired us.

We discussed themes of trauma (depression, divorce, bullying, loss, grief, unhealthy competition, etc) morphed into resilience, strength, and success.

Blending spirituality with humor, the reader is encouraged to take a step back and apply principles into their own lives. We show you how we took our pain and morphed it into our greatest success.

So click here http://www.thesoulsuccess.com to grab a front-row seat to the online show.

Each author selects a section from their chapter to read and explain more in depth.

I talk about “clearing the geese” which…what the heck?….doesn’t make sense until you hear me explain it.

I hope you enjoy the tips and practices we provide for finding your own soul success.

And I hope you find some inspiration through these stories.
Enjoy! ❤

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