How to Avoid Entrepreneur (or any) Burnout

Do you ever have that thought, like when you’ve just put in yet ANOTHER 15 hour day, “Why did I choose to become an entrepreneur!!??”

I have.  But I still come back again and again to the feeling of gratitude that I can be my own boss and dictate my own schedule.

But it still ain’t easy.

Perhaps you pursued the entrepreneurial path because you imagined it would yield freedom in terms of time and money. Right? But now that you’re knee-deep, you often find yourself overwhelmed with the length of your to-do list and the fact that freedom feels like a distant dream.

Don’t you worry– I have good news: with the right tools and strategies, and the right approach to life and business, you can let go of overwhelm and create the time, money, and freedom that result in a life you love.  

My friend Deb Johnstone specializes in helping successful people just like you master your mindset to achieve success and balance. She’s put together an interview series called the Elevating Entrepreneurs Summit – How to Have Plenty of Time and the Money You Want without Sacrificing You or Your Life.

Master Your Mindset, Achieve Balance, Love Your Life!  

I’ve provided my interview from the archives below and am sharing it with you today. (Hello, I did not know that my teenage son had left the TV on in the background, but I’ve given up being a perfectionist!).  A great “backdrop” to my interview it turns out, as I discuss how we can achieve work/life balance and find the “fun factor”.  Here are a few sneak peeks into my interview content:

1. Do what you love (and I’ll tell you how to figure out how).
2. Utilize time management principles.  Some of my favorites include Parkinson’s Law, the Pomodoro technique, the use of Work Plans, and avoiding OPA.
3. Find your own secret battery charger.  Mine is time spent alone in nature. For other people, it’s time with others, or yoga classes, or expressing creativity.

At the end of my interview, I talk about the passion and persistence I saw in Kikkan Randall (who had recently won a Gold medal at the Olympics), as athletes are very much entrepreneurs themselves. I met Kikkan (and interviewed her) in 2015, and she has been a huge inspiration in my life.  Read more about Kikkan here and listen to her interview with me… AND pick up a free copy of my book Mountain Mantras, which she wrote the Foreword for. 🙂

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