Corporate Culture: Baby Steps to Big Changes

There's no getting around it…millennials want a VERY different work culture than previous generations.

So, what do businesses need to do? Change.

Change is such a scary word.  But really, look at how far we've come as it relates to our culture around smoking.  Here is an ad from the 1950's. Does it seem like it comes from another planet??

I think that A LOT has changed around the culture of smoking.

So why can't work (read: corporate) culture change too?  I think it can, but I also believe that businesses need to shift workplace culture by making small changes that add up to big results.

My presentation at the 2017 All Business Conference will address this very topic.  It will provide some actionable steps and share key trends that allow businesses to experience lower absenteeism while increasing job satisfaction, productivity, and employee retention.  My hope is that attendees will walk away inspired and ready to take action immediately.

And hopefully they won't want to grab a cigarette. 🙂

PS:  Are you interested to know the values of our future workforce (very much flipped from the baby boomer generation):

#1 Being happy

#2 Having a family

#3 Having a job you love

#4 Owning a home

#5 Being debt-free

#6 Making a lot of money**

**Source: MTV Insights: 2,000 Millennials age 16-24


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