Balance Yoga Poses

These yoga poses are balance poses (which always start as falling poses, so remember your center, playfulness, and the ability to press the reset button).  These poses are related to Mantra #5 from Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons from the Slopes (Embrace the Yard Sale).

When you begin, you will likely wobble and fall over repeatedly! You learn from these wobbles and falls until you eventually can stay in balance for a longer time. Finding strength from your core and playfulness in your activities are two key concepts in the practice of yoga. Developing your balance, or the ability to stay still while standing on one leg (or head in the case of a headstand or arms in the case of arm balances), actually comes from the strength of your core. The following poses are great for achieving balance, step by step.

  • Warrior Three. Stand on one leg and call upon the strength of your inner warrior. Think of your body like the letter T (which can stand for whatever you like: titan, test pilot, totally awesome, or too cool for school). Yoga Journal has step-by-step instructions.  See the first photo below.
  • Eagle. These step by step instructions for eagle from Yoga Journal can get you started. Follow the rule “Under is the same as over.” To get into this pose, have your right arm go under your left arm and your right leg go over your left leg.
    Test question: How does the other side work?
    Answer: Left-arm under, left leg over.
    See the second photo below.
  • Headstand. Only attempt this pose if you are an experienced yogi (or gymnast) and have a great spotter.  Yoga journal has great step-by-step instructions.  See the third photo below.

1) Warrior Three


2) Eagle

3) Headstand



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