Become a #1 Bestselling Author by Year End!

Are you thinking about (or in the process of) writing a self-help book?

Before you write another word you’ll want to watch this free training video from self-help book expert, Geoff Affleck called How to Write and Publish Your Bestselling Self-Help Book.

On the training my friend and colleague Geoff Affleck also shared some exciting news…

…he’s teaching a LIVE 7-week online course for anyone wanting to get comprehensive support in writing and publishing their bestselling eBook… it’s called eBook Bestseller Bootcamp.

And I'm THRILLED about his course.

Why Geoff?
Geoff is a true heart-centered leader and EXPERT in the publishing world.  I have been honored to interview him on my Make Publishing Fun Summit.  He is just the kind of guy that is truly out to make this world a better place.

Why an eBook?

Publishing a full-length printed book often takes years and can be costly and overwhelming. But starting by publishing a bite-sized eBook is a great way to get established while you are working on your “big” book.

This highly interactive course is based on the success that Geoff has had with new authors and celebrated self-help legends. It includes 7 powerful live course sessions based on his step-by-step Bestseller Blueprint as well as a support and accountability system to ensure that you become a bestselling author of a high quality transformational eBook within a short time.

If you feel overwhelmed about the process of writing, publishing and marketing; are challenged to fully step into your gifts; feel unsure of your content; or don’t know where to start then this could be just what you need to finally get your book done.

BEST NEWS YET– because of our friendship, Geoff is offering my students a special code for $100 OFF! Please use it for the enrollment page.  Cheers to your success and #1 bestseller status! 🙂

(My special discount code for YOU:  EBB100)

Click here for the enrollment page


P.S. Remember that the eBook Bestseller Bootcamp comes with a 30-day Ironclad guarantee. If you don't like the Bootcamp just send Geoff an email and he'll refund your money. You can't lose.

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