Become a Bestselling Author: 9 Steps to Building a Bestseller on Amazon

It was so much fun to have a free master class with my friend John Tighe.

The class was called “Become a Bestselling Author”.

John is an Amazon publishing expert.  During the training session, he’ll be sharing with you the 9 key steps to selling thousands of books and becoming a bestselling author.

Here are some of the things we covered:

  • Why now is the perfect time to become a successful self-published author
  • Simple keyword hacks that can put your book in front of thousands of hyper-targeted buyers on Amazon
  • How the right title can turn your book into an instant bestseller, while the wrong title can mean few or even no sales at all
  • How a simple change of cover can more than triple your book sales
  • How to get people to find your awesome book once it’s published…
  • …and buy it when they discover it
  • And how to rapidly climb the Amazon charts, become a bestselling author and sell hundreds or even thousands of books FAST

John showed us how to sell thousands of books AND become a bestselling author even if you DON’T have an author platform or an email list.

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  1. Frederick Andresen says

    Hi Kathryn, I look forward to your talk Nov 3 at PWOC. My book “The Lady with an Ostrich-Feather Fan, has received rave reviews and has a global future in the narrow genre of “art in historical-fiction”. I have no budget for conventional marketing. But, I know sales would happen if i found a way to reach the reader via a special target, using proper key words, I know such an e-list can be found or made. I hope to chat with you on Saturday.
    See for more on “The Lady” and my family story, “Dos Gringos.” Both ready for film.
    Thanks, Fred Andresen

    • says

      So glad you will be attending my talk on Saturday, as I’ll be focusing on all kinds of marketing (mostly low cost). See you soon! 🙂 Kathryn


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