BioHacking: One of My Favorite Ways to Relax

One of my favorite ways to relax:  It’s called NuCalm.

And I consider it a fun “biohack”.*

I first learned about NuCalm several years ago when Jim Poole and  Michael Galitzer, M.D. came to Sun Valley to speak at the Sun Valley Wellness Festival.

Their talk covered various topics such as measuring Heart Rate Variability (HRV) as a correlate to performance and health and the importance of balancing the parasympathetic nervous system with the sympathetic nervous system.

I’ve since gone on to study HRV, Neurofeedback, and other “biohacking”* modalities as part of my studies to receive my certification as a Quantum Health Coach, which has really taken my abilities to help people to a new level.

*”Biohack” and “Biohacking” are words first coined by Dave Asprey, who I’ve been watching and following. His book Headstrong is highly recommended.

When I started helping clients to overcome obstacles in order to achieve peak performance using the modality of Brainspotting, I found that it was extremely helpful to “ground” clients with a variety of techniques at the end of the session. Since Brainspotting can often be activating and emotional, I sensed the importance of methods to also allow the client to feel really relaxed and calm. So I started combining Brainspotting with a NuCalm experience at the end.

What is NuCalm? It is a 4-part system that combines 1) a CES device (cranial electric stimulation), 2) a “calming cream” consisting of neurotransmitters, mainly GABA, 3) light blocking with an eye mask, and 4) patented binaural beats music that comes in tracks from 20 minutes to 50 minutes long.

I was excited when I saw the NuCalm system appear on the Today Show.  Here is the clip.

Feel free to leave a comment about your questions about either Brainspotting or Nucalm.  Be well…and calm!

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