Calling All Those That Want to Teach and Grow Rich

Teach and Grow Rich.  That is the title of a great book by Danny Iny that talks about the lucrative market in providing online courses in your area of expertise.

I've really enjoyed my experience as an online teacher with courses in publishing, nutrition, and wellness. (Sometimes I'm teaching while wearing my pajama bottoms and bunny slippers– so cozy!). 🙂

What I know about teaching and launching online courses I owe to my friend Chris Kyle. I got to know Chris when I interviewed him on one of my podcasts (Positive on Publishing) a couple of years ago.

Since then I've joined his “Expert Faculty” to teach others about how to use podcasting to grow your visibility and reach. Cool stuff!

Want to learn from Chris yourself?  Now is the time! Chris is doing a free LIVE Masterclass called The 4 Essential Elements for Launching  Transformative & Lucrative Online Courses.

(Note:  He only runs this class series once a year).

Chris will give you the roadmap and strategies you need to create and launch your powerful and profitable online course.

In this free Masterclass you’ll learn:

  • How to create a transformative learning experience so your students rave about the course
  • How to develop your Authentic Messaging Blueprint so you’ll enroll more of your ideal participants into your course
  • The #1 most important marketing strategy for filling up your course
  • How to easily set-up your technology platform to both promote AND deliver your online courses.

Register for the FREE Masterclass NOW.

(BONUS: Want Chris's free ebook? I've linked to it in my podcast interview with him.  It's a really helpful book for those wanting to know all about launching courses, even the nitty-gritty tech stuff!). 🙂

It’s critical in today’s connected, digital world for teachers, authors, and experts to have online learning programs as part of their teaching and business model. So, I encourage you to attend Chris’s live masterclass to give yourself a big jumpstart on all of it.

Have fun, and I hope to see you there!

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