Carrots are Good For Your Eyes! (Give It a Go, Eat a Rainbow Review)

I was so tickled when someone recently referred to me as “the picky eater whisperer”.

I love sharing ideas with parents about how they can encourage healthy eating patterns with their kids using the formula of “inspire- educate- give choice”.

Read on to get some tips, plus an offer to receive my latest book on family nutrition for FREE. ?

I want to thank This Organic Girl for a wonderful write-up (as part of the Give It a Go, Eat a Rainbow book blog tour).

Thank you Lisa for your amazing review which included a delightful VIDEO of your kids reaction to the book upon reading it for the first time! 🙂  We loved that the take-away was that carrots are good for your eyes.  So very true.

You can read the entire post here (my heart fluttered to see our book next to 10% Happier, one of my favorite recent books of all times), or see below for the section just about Give It a Go, Eat a Rainbow.  Lisa and your darling boys, we appreciate you!



Kathryn’s PR team sent me this book to enjoy with my kids and I’m so glad they did! I have used the phrase “eat a rainbow” in my house without much buy-in from my kids BUT throw a main character in the mix, a plot, a wizard and some guessing games and my kids are all, “You have to eat your carrots because it will make you see better!”

This book is interactive with “pick the right answer” or “fill in the blank” verbal activities. My kids (4 and 2) loved identifying all of the different fruits and veggies shown on each page. The felt proud when they knew the answers. They also loved talking about what Blake, the main character, would do and when we finished, they asked to read it again. And they still reach for it at story time.

This book hits all the right notes. It shows how sugary foods can make you slow and sluggish. It breaks down veggies and fruits and talks about how they benefit the body. Giving kids a reason why they should eat that specific veggie can sometimes be just the push they need to try something new. If nothing else this book started some great conversations in my house.z


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