Heart Opening Yoga Poses

These heart-opening yoga poses are related to Chapter One of my first book (Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons from the Slopes).  You can get that book for free on ...

How Important is Wellness? Price of the Status Quo

I recently posted some "Reality Check" data on diet and lifestyle facts.  What are the consequences of those diet an lifestyle facts?  Here's more data: (Source:  Dr. Ann Kulze, MD, ...

Corporate Break Room Makeover

Kids spend the majority of their day at school, which I why I founded Nurture --providing nutrition and health education to children in the school setting. Adults spend the majority ...

Emerging Success Metrics for Corporate Wellness Programs

According to David Hunnicutt, CEO of WELCOA, 90% of corporate wellness programs in the U.S. are activity based.  These programs usually result from individual passions driving program design (e.g., "let's ...

What is a Corporate Wellness Program Supposed to Do?

Should Corporate Wellness programs: 1. Reduce costs? 2. Create happier, more productive people? Can they do both? The first focus area is more of a "win" for the corporation.  Network ...

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