Eat a Rainbow to Make Nutrition Fun (Article in PR Newswire)

I was so tickled when someone recently referred to me as “the picky eater whisperer”.

I love sharing ideas with parents about how they can encourage healthy eating patterns with their kids using the formula of “inspire- educate- give choice”.

Read on to see how I’m making eating healthy part of a family movement- and claim an offer to receive my latest book on family nutrition for FREE. ?


According to recent data, 91% of Americans don’t eat the daily recommendation of veggies. This statistic, as well as many other alarming trends in health, has been a catalyst for Kathryn Kemp Guylay to create a fun and engaging book for very young children called Give It a Go, Eat a Rainbow.

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“Over the last decade, I have been teaching kids and parents how to live more energized lives by eating healthy meals and snacks,” explains the bestselling author and certified nutritional counselor.  “One of the easiest ways to boost the nutritional value of meals and snacks is to incorporate more fruits and veggies,” explains Kemp Guylay.

A “rainbow” of colorful fruits and veggies ensures that all of the health-enhancing micronutrients support the entire body.  “Kids and adults are motivated by the word ‘energy,’ and the messaging in the book is all about energy and how to get more of it.  Kids don’t really care about cardiovascular disease and morbidity factors. But if they can run faster and do well in school? That’s the kind of messaging that will reach kids with the greatest impact,” she says.

Kemp Guylay has written the book as a companion to her 2015 Amazon #1 bestselling book Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons from the Slopes.  Mountain Mantraspresents stories and experiences from her personal life, using skiing and snow sports as metaphors for success principles.  Kemp Guylay’s journey to learn how to ski as an adult offers an engaging and often hilarious backdrop for studying wellness and life lessons. From starting a non-profit to her family’s journey west and her humbling adventures and epic ski failures, Kemp Guylay’s stories inspire and entertain.



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Here’s what Marci Shimoff, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author and Transformational Leader had to say about the book:

“Who knew nutrition could be so fun?  Kathryn Kemp Guylay marries the practical with the hilarious. The result: A healthier and happier you. I loved this book!”


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