The Common Path to Uncommon Success

Are you ready to find your path to freedom?

To fulfillment?

I’ve got a book recommendation for you.

My friend John Lee Dumas, host of the podcast Entrepreneurs on Fire, is getting ready to release a brand new book.

The book is called The Common Path to Uncommon Success: A Roadmap to Financial Freedom and Fulfillment.

The book is a very interesting publishing story, too, for all you aspiring authors out there.

If you don’t know yet who John Lee Dumas (often referred to as “JLD”) is, he has interviewed over 3,000 highly successful people to find out exactly how they made that success happen.

I was one of the folks he interviewed several years ago (see link below), and he’s been unstoppable ever since.

This is not JLD’s first book.  I was a huge fan of his Freedom Journal and used it to accomplish many 90-day goals when I was in the middle of promoting one of my own books.  His previous books were self-published, and this new book is in partnership with one of the world’s most prestigious “traditional” publishers, Harper Collins.

I’ll be interviewing JLD on my podcast this coming week to talk about his book and what it’s like to publish traditionally.  If you haven’t read my ebook (a chapter excerpt from my book, Look Before You Leap), you can read about the differences between self, hybrid, and traditional publishing by downloading it here.

JLD’s new (traditionally published) book has 18 chapters and a beautiful Prologue that starts with:

“You’ve been lied to.”
I won’t go into the details of what the lie is, but JLD goes on share some pretty vulnerable insights about his “failures” including struggling from post-war PTSD, dropping out of law school, trying to make it unsuccessfully in real estate, and quitting a corporate finance job after only 1 year.

The rest of the book is dedicated to outlining the path to achieve uncommon success – whatever that looks like for you.

The book is full of fabulous quotes artfully put into context.  A favorite on, from the prologue, is from Albert Einstein:

“Try not to become a person of success, but rather a person of value.”

Starting with “Identify Your Big Idea” through “Keep the Money You Make”, JLD walks you through his own process of becoming a person of value.

Right now, when you pre-order The Common Path to Uncommon Success, you’ll get 5 incredible bonuses along with the book.

The bonuses won’t be up for long – and neither will the option to pre-order – so be sure to visit and pre-order your copy today.

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