Corporate Break Room Makeover

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 9.49.06 AMKids spend the majority of their day at school, which I why I founded Nurture –providing nutrition and health education to children in the school setting.

Adults spend the majority of their day at work.  Your office break room essentially plays the role of the kitchen in your home.  Here are a few tips that can improve the likelihood that your corporate break room will support your health, not harm it:

*Replace white flour products with whole grain products
*Replace white rice with whole grain rice (brown rice, wild rice, black rice) and other whole grains (quinoa, oatmeal, etc.)
*Replace white pasta with 100% whole grain, multigrain (Barilla Plus), or bean-based pastas (explore Asian brands)
*Replace white potatoes with sweet potatoes, blue/purple potatoes, small (new) potatoes
*Dump all sugary beverages
*Limit sugary foods (offer only dark chocolate and fruit for dessert)
*Offer beans, lentils and fruits and veggies
*Don’t offer unhealthy cereals (must have 5 grams fiber and 10 grams or less of sugar);  for kids 3 grams of fiber is enough


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