Learn How to Create and Launch a Transformational Online Course

I’ve been sharing a lot recently about uncertainty and transformation and how we can together come out of a crisis like COVID-19 even stronger.

And with my clients, I’ve emphasized strategies such as mindfulness, gratitude, and reality-based positive psychology.

Another practice (that I not only preach but personally implement is being of service.

I’ve donated over a million dollars of service hours to projects like Nurture and the creation of courses that I offer for free.

What’s my why?

For starters, I become a better person myself by teaching others. This effect of “the teacher growing via the act of teaching” was researched through a series of studies at the University of Pennsylvania. An important finding (related to desired weight loss, which was the focus on this research) found that people who mentored others on weight loss ended up losing more weight themselves.

Benefits are also long term, as studies of philanthropy and purpose show that people tend to live longer lives as a result of having a purpose and giving back to others.

Another more tangible benefit, for those that are looking to use the money metric to measure success, is that online courses can be very lucrative if you choose to enroll students via a paid model.

Napoleon Hill wrote the book Think and Grow Rich, but it was Danny Iny that wrote the book (Teach and Grow Rich) about the lucrative market in providing online courses in your area of expertise.

If you don’t yet have an online course, here are some interesting statistics to consider:

  • The e-learning market is estimated to hike from $190 billion in 2018 to $300 billion by 2025 (2019 Global Market Insights report).
  • Online Learning is the fastest-growing segment in the learning arena (any area of learning), and it’s accelerating due to the global pandemic.
  • Over 70% of ALL classes/courses will be online by 2021.
  • Offering online courses or programs is the #1 way that people are making money from their knowledge or teaching content
  • Your potential students/clients are now expecting their teachers or guides (you) to offer online programs as a way to work with them from wherever they live.

And what about the HOW?

My answer?

Two words:

Chris Kyle.

Chris is the guy who taught me how to create and launch my first online course.

How about you… ever thought about creating an online course from your expertise? And with COVID-19 lockdown, more people than ever going online to learn and grow—so it’s critical that you have online courses and programs to offer.

If you are interested, I’d like to invite you to a LIVE online workshop called…

How to Create Transformative & Lucrative Online Courses

ENCORE presentation on Saturday, May 2nd, 10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET / 5:00 pm GMT.

Click for Details and Free Registration

In this free LIVE workshop you’ll learn:

  • How to create a transformative learning experience so your students rave about the course.
  • How to develop your Authentic Messaging Blueprint so you’ll enroll more of your ideal participants into your course.
  • The #1 most important marketing strategy for filling up your course.
  • The simple, headache-free Technology Solution for promoting AND delivering your online course.

About Chris Kyle
Chris is an eLearning expert who will give you the roadmap and key strategies you’ll need to create and launch your impactful and profitable online course.

(Note:  He only runs this class series once a year).

Chris has coached hundreds of authors, teachers, experts, and change agents in how to launch engaging, inspiring, and lucrative online courses to a global audience. His passion for helping you light up the world with your message!

It’s critical in today’s connected, digital world for teachers, authors, and experts to have online learning programs as part of their teaching and business model.

Since then I’ve joined his “Expert Faculty” to teach others about how to use podcasting to grow your visibility and reach. Cool stuff!

(BONUS: Want Chris’s free ebook? I’ve linked to it in my podcast interview with him.  It’s a really helpful book for those wanting to know all about launching courses, even the nitty-gritty tech stuff!). 🙂

Have fun, and I look forward to your online course.

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