Eat the Rainbow- Kathryn with Lisa Criselle on FitPro Industry Podcast

I was thrilled to be interviewed by Lisa Criselle of the FitPro Industry Podcast.  Lisa does such a great job with her show designed to provide wellness information to industry professionals as well as everyday folks/moms and dads.

Keep reading, as I will be offering you a FREE copy of my first book, Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons from the Slopes, which has been described by Dr. David Katz of the Yale University Prevention Research Center as “Expert guidance with wisdom, experience and humor on abundant display.”

Such great timing since our interview was just prior to the launch of my second book (a children’s book on healthy eating, Give It A Go, Eat a Rainbow).  The show must have generated some interest, as it hit #1 New Release in several categories on Amazon just after the interview aired.

Listen to the show (40 minutes).

And I promised you a copy of my first book, Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons from the Slopes. The book features advice from dozens of Olympians, which is incredibly inspiring. Kikkan Randall, who wrote the Foreword, is a 5x Olympian and won a GOLD medal at the 2018 Olympics for Nordic skiing.

Here are some endorsements from a few other Olympians:

“Attitudes about nutrition and wellness have the power to drastically alter performance and longevity. Kathryn’s lessons are inspirational and practical. All my peers should read this.”
– Lyman Currier, U.S. Freeskiing Team, X Games and 2014 Olympics
I love the idea of mantras for success in wellness and in life. The lessons from Mountain Mantras can be applied to many walks of life, from the Olympics to Main Street America.”
– Liz Stephen, two-time Olympian, 2010 and 2014 Olympics

“In a world full of complicated advice on nutrition and wellness, Mountain Mantras provides a fresh perspective that helps you cut through the clutter and develop a simple and manageable approach to wellness and nutrition. Whether you are an elite athlete or simply trying to get the most out everyday life (or both), the advice in this book offers great value to any reader.”
– Betsy Youngman, two-time Olympian, 1988 and 1992 Olympics

You are welcome to download the entire Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons from the Slopes book for free HERE. Enjoy!

More about the interview (select questions):

Q: How did you start working one-on-one with clients?

A: Kathryn volunteered at a local food pantry for lower income families. One day she was looking at the type of foods these families were getting. The nutritional value of the food provided was definitely not where it should be and she approached the head of the pantry and suggested to educate the families in need.

“We were teaching them about some of the staples and then we were actually giving them cooking equipment that would make it really easy for them to make healthy meals.”

While growing the program, Kathryn met a wonderful nutritionist and educator who specialized in educating children. Kathryn says there was “real magic” going on in the room.
She met a nutritionist and educator named Juliette Brittin who had been working about 14 years in children’s nutrition. She knew how to create the messages for the kids that they would identify with.

After unplanned media coverage and advising the public of what they were doing, schools started asking them if they would come to the kids and teach the kids in school about nutrition as well.

“…that was another really fun part of our evolution.”

Q: How did you tie in snow sports to nutrition?

A: Kathryn says when she goes skiing, she is able to zoom out and take it all in and see the “bigger picture”. Kathryn says life is the same way, and we need to step back and look at the bigger picture here as well.

“Sometimes getting away from the nitty-gritty and kind of zooming out really helped us.”

Q: How did your children’s book transpire?

A: For the last ten years, Kathryn has been dreaming of creating a book like this to encourage children to explore fruits and veggies in all the colors of the rainbow. She created her new book to make it engaging, real and fun. She decided her medium by speaking with an art educator for kids.

“I went to a local art educator who worked with kids from kindergarten to eighth grade every day and she said Kathryn, ‘Augmented reality’, that’s what kids love.”

There is lots more information from the show-page for the interview on FitPro Industry’s site.

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