Epigenetics, Energy, and Human Potential Optimization

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

I love pondering the secrets of the universe. In my work as a certified Brainspotter and Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy practitioner, I work a lot with frequency and vibration. I study the brain EEG (electroencephalogram) patterns of my clients, which is really all about waves, or frequency.

Today in this article I’ll be focusing on energy, which I have found to be a buzzword that connects to kids all the way up to adults. I have used the concept of energy- striving for high energy and mitigating the lows, to engage tens of thousands of participants in the nonprofit programs I run all about nutrition through the nonprofit I founded, Nurture.

If you really get down to motivation, kids and adults don’t really want to think much about cardiovascular disease or metabolic syndrome. They want to talk about energy!

Here is one of the most popular pages in my children’s books about nutrition, Give It a Go, Eat a Rainbow. The main character, Blake, was feeling low energy at the start of the book thanks to overindulging in sweet treats. Blake discovered a colorful rainbow of fruits and vegetables from mother earth, and Blake now has now found boundless energy! Blake is able to run so fast, there are magical sparks flying off the back of Blake’s heels!

When I talk with adults about energy, especially those who consider themselves biohackers or peak performers, they usually already have nutrition dialed in. They are wanting to go a few steps further and get into some really customized precision performance strategies that will take them to the next level. So with those folks, I invite them to explore their genes by looking at SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism). This information can be gathered easily by taking a cheek swab and having the sample analyzed by one of the DNA array companies (23 and me, Aperion, etc.).

Are you concerned about this approach? You might be thinking:

So what? How will knowing my SNPs help me?


Yikes! Knowing my genes could be scary!

Let’s take a look at each of these concerns more closely.

Yikes! Knowing my genes could be scary!

This is a concern if you think that knowing your genes will take away your power. If you are like me and believe that your thoughts and beliefs deeply affect your state-of-being, the last thing you might want to know, if you have trouble sleeping, is: “I have genes for restless leg?!”.

I’m here to help you take back your power over your genes, leveraging the insights from the amazing Dawson Church, PhD, author of “The Genie in Your Genes”. His book is all about epigenetics (what is “above” our genes). Epigenetics gives us our power back. Epigenetics involves the interventions that you make, both internally and externally, to modulate and modify the expression of your genes.

Dr. Church writes: “The old view that our genes contain in indelible instructions governing the function of our bodies is, in the scornful words of my teenage offspring, So 20th century”.

I love Dr. Church’s diagram (credit: p. 76 in The Genie In Your Genes) that recognizes that your genes do have a role in health outcomes, but there are so many things that you have control over that are “above your genes”. Many of us have heard about lifestyle interventions such as eating right and physical activity, which I’ll be talking more about in this article, but Church’s work goes on to recognize the role of mental, emotional, and spiritual factors including:

– belief

– nurturing

– energy medicine

– visualization

– energy psychology

– heart coherence

– spirituality

– meditation

– attitude

– prayer, and

– altruism

I highly recommend that you pick up his book and give it a thorough read. I recommend all of the practices mentioned above to balance out your body and realize your fullest potential.

Let’s move on to the next concern about knowing your individual information about genes:

So what? How will knowing my SNPs help me?

Okay, I’ll admit. Some of the information about individual genetics over the past ten years has been almost gimmicky. You find out the insects like to bite you. You learn that when you eat asparagus, it makes your pee stink (like you hadn’t noticed that already?). Maybe you find out that you have a cousin in Texas, who you never end up calling.

However, knowing your genes can help you. I’ve seen it change the lives of numerous clients by allowing them to fine-tune one of the most powerful epigenetic interventions for peak performers: nutrition.

You are what you eat. I love to consider the fact that the various type of honey bees have the exact same genes, yet look so different. The queen bee is so much larger than both the worker bee and the drone. Her diet is very different from her non-queen friends, and scientists believe that this epigenetic intervention turns off some of her genes while turning on others.

If you’re interested in what she’s eating, it is a substance called Royal Jelly. She is also not eating a few things that the drones and worker bees consume more readily such as pollen and honey.

What about people? Should we eat royal jelly? Maybe. Maybe not. I will give you a few examples of how to increase energy and peak performance with nutrition interventions based on variations in genes or SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms).

Example #1:

SNP Issue: Methylation issues related to the MTHFR genes

Nutrition Intervention: Methylation supporting foods such as beets, radishes, spinach, shitake mushrooms, fish, seeds, and spices and herbs. YUM.

Example #2: 

SNP Issue: Increased risk for cardiovascular disease and cognitive decline related to APOE status

Nutrition Intervention: Reduced intake of saturated fats following a modified paleo Mediterranean nutrition approach. Olive oil, healthy fats, fish, fruits, and veggies. FUN.

Example #3: 

SNP Issue: Sleep and anxiety issues related to the GAD genes (that are related to the conversion of glutamic acid to GABA)

Nutrition Intervention: Eliminate high sources of glutamic acid including dairy, soy, and grains. Experience peace and calm.


Individual genetic information is not about gimmicks and fluff but about getting valuable, actionable data that can change your life for the better.

As a Certified Epigenetics coach and Certified Nutritional Counselor, I work with individuals to look at over 750,000 SNPs through an interactive web-based app. My goal is to allow you to experience maximum energy and performance. Let food by thy medicine.
Read more about epigenetics coaching here.

View my presentation on this topic in the video below:

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