Third Eye Activating Yoga Poses

These third-eye activating yoga poses relate to Chapter Three of Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons from the Slopes (Zoom Out for the Best View).  These poses can help you connect with a higher source of vision and creativity.

According to the ancient system of chakras, energy vortexes align with areas down your central vertical axis, from the top of your head to the base of your spine. One of the highest chakras is referred to as the third eye, the area behind the space between your eyebrows. There are a few poses that can activate your third eye and allow you to connect upward to gain vision.

  • Standing head to knee. Don’t let the name of this pose scare you. I can’t touch my head to my knee for the life of me, unless I really bend my leg. Instead, you can put a yoga block between your head and your knee to create a connection. Think about getting a little massage between your eyes while you are in this pose—I can withstand just about anything if I am getting a massage. This standing pose is similar to this forward bend with step by step instructions from Yoga Journal.  For people with tighter hamstrings, see first photo below where I’m bending my knee.
  • Seated head to knee. This is a modification of the standing head to knee pose. Here, you keep your bottom on the ground. Bend your knee as much as you need to in order to make contact between your third eye and your knee. Use a yoga block, if necessary. Follow these more detailed instructions from Yoga Journal if needed.  Don’t force anything in yoga! See second photo below.
  • Breathing exercise. Remember the importance of the breath in yoga. Specific breathing exercises give you time to focus on inhales and exhales. While you sit, interlace your fingers above your head. As you inhale, lower your hands behind your head. When you exhale, extend your interlaced fingers back above your head. Imagine you are moving your own halo up and down to remind yourself just how divine and amazing you are. See third and fourth photos below.

1) Standing head to knee


2) Seated head to knee


3) Breathing exercise




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