Find Peace Within (Training with Dr. Michael DeMaria)

Are you looking for more peace in your life?

Want to feel more centered and balanced?

I am always looking for tips and tricks myself, and guess what– the big “ah ha” is that peace doesn’t really come from outside tricks and tips but rather from within.

Perhaps this masterclass with integrative psychologist and mindfulness expert Dr. Michael DeMaria will help you as much as it helped me.

Read more about Michael below and get a free download of yoga and mindfulness tips from my book Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons from the Slopes.

But first, watch this training video for tips for finding Peace Within.  A perfect “retreat” with no travel required. 🙂

More about Michael:

As a child I felt a deep connection to nature, others and a vast presence that was a great solace to me. This deep feeling was always hard for me to put into words, as a result, from an early age I explored music, art, and poetry as a way to express these feelings that always felt too big for words.

As I grew older I studied philosophy, psychology, and the great wisdom traditions of the world only to finally be led back to a simple truth – all we have is this moment.  As a result, my daily meditation and intention is to be as fully present as I can be each moment.

Life is fleeting and it is a gift to be here right now, breathing and conscious – sharing this fragile spark of life on this amazing planet careening through the universe.  If you are interested in diving deeply into this moment and clearing your mind and opening your heart to who you truly are – you’re in the right place.

Listen to the music samples, learn to meditate (check out the free 7×7 Meditation Challenge here), explore the online programs and I hope you too will begin to wake up to the adventure of self-discovery and join the mindful revolution happening on the planet today!

– Michael  DeMaria
Visit Michael’s website

Grab your free 15 page guide on yoga and mindfulness.  EnJOY:)

What people said about the class:

  • Would love more webinars like this with you! Thank you so much for offering this!
  • Thank you so much, everyone, for this, it is so helpful in our wild world!
  • Thank you for your kindness and for sharing your insight and soulfulness for us!
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