Food is Fuel, Food is Fun

I am really looking forward to a leadership retreat that I'm facilitating later this week for 50-60 adults.  The theme of the leadership retreat is “Wellness: How Taking Care of Ourselves and One Another Can Lead to Improved Outcomes at Work.” 

I had a great warm up this morning WITH kids at the Community School of Sun Valley, Idaho.

Guess what:  Adults in the workplace are really just kids (once in school) grown up. So many of the same principles apply. 🙂

Wellness is a multi-faceted theme, and in the retreat we will be covering everything from healthy eating (like what I covered with the kids this morning), to movement, to stress-busting tools, to emotional & social wellness.

Here in this post, I'll share with you the “healthy eating” facet, which can be easily summarized as: Food is Fuel, Food is Fun.

I will offer to you all of the materials that I used this morning.  Keep reading below in this post.

Feel free to use for your own nutrition education programs:

Here is the Presentation I went through.

The recipe was a HUGE hit.  We made Morning Millet and Oats, then layered in in cups to make a “parfait” with greek yogurt and fruit. Click here for a PDF of the yummy recipe.

Here are the Worksheets I handed out:

Go/Slow foods worksheet
Create a Snack worksheet
My Plate/Harvard Healthy Plate recipe worksheet

Parent handouts:

Slow and go (english) 

Slow and go (spanish) 

Sensational snacks (english)

Sensational snacks (spanish)

My plate (english)

My Plate (spanish)

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