Get the Kids Away from the TV and into the Kitchen

On a recent television interview on Mindalia TV (Spain), I received several questions from the audience about how to handle picky eaters, what to do with kids that say they are “too full to eat” healthy food, and I even got one question about a child that had lost his teeth by age 5 because of too much sugar consumption. (!)

I encouraged viewers to avoid food fights with children, and keep experiences around food (especially healthy food!) very POSITIVE.

For the Spanish-speaking audience, I encouraged them to download my book (for free) called Vas a Estar Feliz, Come Un Arco Iris (Give It a Go, Eat a Rainbow).

I mentioned several times the importance of involving kids in making decisions: educate, inspire, and give choice.

One of the most fun ways to involve kids in making healthy choices is to have them pick out recipes or at least have a role in preparing the food.

I have had the honor of being involved in large after school events for “getting kids cooking”, and you can see from this video that even very small children are very capable of assuming important roles in the kitchen.

These kids made Fiesta Casserole for families participating in a food pantry (meals for approximately 400 people!).
They also made and tasted Aloha Rice.

Receta en Espanol.

Get your kids in the kitchen today, and have fun!

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