Goal Setting Yoga Poses

These yoga poses stimulate the gallbladder meridian, energy channel that starts at the head and runs down the neck, across the shoulder and down the ribs, then continues along the outside of your lower body.  The gallbladder meridian governs decision making and follow through.  These poses are related to Chapter Four of Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons from the Slopes.

Here are some goal-setting yoga poses to consider:

  • Cow-faced pose. I like this one because cows make me smile. I don’t like it because my arms can be quite stiff, and they don’t touch behind my back. Your arms are supposed to look like a cow’s ears, which is what gives this pose its name. Yoga Journal has a great tutorial for this pose.  See my attempt at cow-faced pose in the first photo below.
  • Triangle. This is one of my all-time favorite poses. Try it and you’ll see why.  Yoga Basics has a few more great pointers for this pose. Also, see second photo below.
  • Pigeon. Very few people are indifferent to pigeon pose. You will love it or hate it—or both. I have been in some yoga class- es where people were sobbing and others where they were sighing so loudly with pleasure it almost sounded indecent. The hips represent the deepest junk drawer of the emotions. Pigeon pose might force you to dump some of those contents out so that you have to deal with them. Prepare for whatever comes and just breathe. Yoga Journal has a great step-by-step for this pose. You can also see third pose below.

1) Cow-faced pose



2) Triangle Pose


3) Pigeon pose


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