Harnessing Your Intuition: Dr. Kathryn Guylay on The Jen Weigel Show

Want to get more insights without all the work?

I was absolutely delighted to join my longtime talented friend Jen Weigel on The Jen Weigel Show to discuss harnessing your intuition.

There are several fun nuggets from this interview:

Nugget #1: There’s a part of the brain that works at a much deeper level, the “limbic brain”.

Nugget #2: Intuition is always trying to tap in; we just need to make the space to allow it in.

Nugget #3: The body has knowledge -and it remembers. Your body has beautiful innate wisdom if you’re able to tap into it.

Nugget #4: You cannot fully tap into your intuition if you are in “fight or flight” mode.

Nugget #5: Abundance does not flow through chaos (which includes physical chaos and mental chaos).

Nugget #6: Divine time is not human time.

Nugget #7: If you put your intent out into the world with trust and centeredness (instead of desperation/fear), there is a different energy in your request.

Nugget #8: Take the “my” out of it. Think beyond the self.

Nugget #9: Focus on language – instead of “have to”, shift to “I get to” (“I have to drink water” versus “I get to drink water”).

Tips from Kathryn on how you can expand your intuition and open your intuitive abilities:

1. Mental clean-up – By clearing your mind and creating mental space, abundance can happen. Meditation can help here – even for just a few minutes a day. Watch your thoughts and become more aware of them.

2. Cleanse the body – Having some kind of clean-up, even if it’s cutting out processed foods/sugar and drinking more water, is beneficial. Your body is a tuning fork… clean off the rust!

3. Keep going – Once you have started the mental and physical clean-up, don’t just stop there. This is an ongoing process and our work is never done. Add some fun to the process (replace work with play!) and make this a practice of self-love for yourself.

Click here to listen in to the interview with Jen Weigel.

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