Helping Others and Having Fun

Wowza.  Are you ready to hear from from some powerhouse women?

I had the HONOR of gathering in the KDPI 88.5 FM studio at the Ketchum Innovation Center to meet with leaders of the Wood River Women’s Foundation.

Specifically –  I talked with current President Joanne Wetherall and incoming President Peggy Grove.

We answered the question–  can you change the world for the better- and have fun while doing it?  The answer is YES.

The Wood River Women’s Foundation’s mission is to inspire, educate and collaborate.  That means you are NOT ALONE in wanting to change the world and make a difference.

You can pool your money with others to make a larger impact!

You can get involved at any level that makes sense to you!

You can have FUN on your philanthropic journey.

Listen to the interview (click on the arrow below)  and feel free to contact Joanne or Peggy.

I hope you are inspired. 🙂 Kathryn
PS– Can you believe what cool stuff started on the chairlift?

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