Holistic Wellness Tips from Sharkie’s Pep Talk (HealthyLife.net Radio)

I joined my good friend Sharkie Zartman recently on Sharkie’s Pep Talk to chat about all things holistic wellness. Here are some key takeaways you’ll learn about from this radio interview:

– How and why I built my platform, Make Everything Fun

– Tips about nutrition and why it is so important for our overall health (check out my healthy recipes for a good place to start)

– Why I decided to get my doctorate in natural health and focus on brain-body wellness

– My new work in Epigenetics and Energy (especially check out Epigenetics, Energy, and Human Potential Optimization on the blog)

– Why people should know their SNPs (single-nucleotide polymorphisms)

– Why I wrote Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons from the Slopes

– The variety of free resources offered on my website

– How parents can help their kids have FUN in these challenging times

Listen to the interview here and get inspired to amp up your own wellness factor

And as always, thank you Sharkie for inviting me on the show!

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