How to Encourage Kids to Cut Down on Soda and Eat More Veggies

With the school year starting to wind down, I’m doing my final visits to Elementary age kids to teach them about fun ways to eat healthfully.  I do this fun and meaningful work as part of Nurture and the Wow Projects organization.

I ran into a lovely couple right after my lesson on Thursday (when I was picking up a healthy lunch at Glow Live Foods Cafe) that I had met on one of my book signing tours.  They asked me what I had taught in the lesson that day, and I said, “Lots of things, but the top two points that I wanted to leave with the kids are 1) cut down or eliminate soda and 2) eat more veggies.  They were curious what tools I used to make it fun, so I’m putting my presentation slides and videos that I showed the kids in this post.

I want to thank all the teachers at Alturas Elementary, Community School, Hailey Elementary, and Hemingway Elementary for working with me and these wonderful kids.  To your health!

The presentation about how to decipher ads and read sugar labels.

The video that shows the tactics used by big food to grab your attention and convince you to eat their foods.

An ad created by “a bunch of carrot famers”

The winning entry from the Pour It Out campaign by CSPI

Parry Gripp’s “I Like Vegetables” song

The kids snacked on baby carrots dipped in greek yogurt and LOVED these ads (and the healthy food!).

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