How to Shine Your Light in a Busy World (Talk on June 13th)

Creating change in today’s world requires much more than efficiency, effectiveness, and highly refined skillsets.

Authors, entrepreneurs and heart-centered leaders gain followers not through perfection, power and logic, but through authenticity, connection, and emotion.

On June 13, I’ll be speaking on this topic, “Publishing, Podcasting, and Platform building: Shine your light in busy world to be heard with your message for a better world”.

What an honor to be able to speak at a the new and hip wellness center in the north suburbs of Chicago, the Well North Shore.

I’ll be talking about publishing, story-telling, podcasting, and platform building. I’ll also touch upon “inner-work” issues such as getting out of your comfort zone and taking action in the face of fear.

Why am I talking about publishing? 80% of the American population reports a desire to write a book. Since moving from Chicago to Sun Valley (the stomping grounds of Ernest Hemingway), I have written six books.  I have found writing to be therapeutic as well as great for building my post-mom career.

Why am I talking about story-telling? Throughout the history of man and womankind, we have connected with each other through storytelling. Our primal brains are wired to interpret the world through stories. People we want to lead are much more likely to be moved by stories more than facts. Today’s most effective leaders must therefore be able to be great storytellers and must also understand the various ways to make these stories spread far and wide.

Why am I addressing “inner-work” issues? In my work in Corporate America as well as with entrepreneurs and individuals, I find that often what is holding us back from success has less to do with lacking skills, knowledge or abilities and more to do with overcoming self-created paradigms that block us from our abundance. I’ll be doing some exercises from my training with Jack Canfield (Success Principles) on how to take action despite fear as well as some prompts inspired by the Heart Math institute on asking fear to take a backseat so that we can dive into our deepest creative inner selves.

What is the talk description and benefits?  We are approaching an age of enlightenment where heart centered leaders and entrepreneurs feel the pull to get their messages into the light in order to create a better world. Creating a powerful message for today’s heart centered leader is, at its core, starting a conversation that adds value to your audience.  Messages can be powerfully delivered through a variety of means including writing and publishing a book, podcast guesting or hosting, or pursuing traditional media outlets such as TV and radio.

In this action oriented, practical-tip delivering seminar, you will learn tips and tricks to understanding who you are here to serve, how you can serve them, and how you can combine your passion with your service to others. For aspiring authors and podcasters, we’ll address what you’ll be writing/talking about, how you can take care of yourself while you write/podcast, how you actually write/podcast, and how you start to market your messages so that you can powerfully reach a targeted audience. The presentation will specifically address:

– Why messaging through publishing, podcasting, and social media is important for every heart-centered entrepreneur

– How to use radio, podcasts, TV, print coverage and social media to gain customers and sales

– Tools and techniques that you can employ immediately to create a more powerful message in the marketplace

EVERY attendee will receive a FREE copy of Kathryn’s book, Mountain Mantras.

The FIRST TWENTY registrants will receive a free copy of Kathryn’s e-book “Look Before You Leap: The Smart Author’s Guide to Avoiding the Money Pit and Achieving Financial Success in Publishing.”

Cost:  $25

Register here.

I hope to see you there!

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