Human Design for Leadership of the Future

You know when you hear about something, again and again, arising as an obscure and seemingly random topic?

It’s like something really wants to reach you, popping up through multiple conversations and people, all within a short period of time.

That’s what happened to me and Human Design.

I had never heard of Human Design as of just a few short months ago. Then I went to a Mastermind, and someone there (with whom I had a wonderful connection) said to me with a little smile, “I just know you’re a Manifesting Generator.  I can always spot an MG”.

What’s an MG?

And how crazy it is that he was right? (I am a Manifesting Generator). 

Then I attended the annual conference of the Evolutionary Business Council, and Human Design came up in two different breakout sessions. In the second session, I met Irina Maryanchik, an internationally known Human Design Analyst, Integrative Health Practitioner, and Past Life Therapist. She and I agreed to follow up after the conference and have her read my chart.

Note: the images in this post are NOT from Human Design, as I didn’t have rights to use any of the images from my charts. I dressed up the post with beautiful mandalas/sacred geometry because I loved the designs and bought rights to them through Shutterstock.  Just a heads up!

But that wasn’t all, as if the Universe wanted to MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE that I didn’t miss this signal that I must learn about Human Design. Through a confluence of events, I had a session with the Shaman Manex Ibar, and his session started off with, you guessed it, Human Design.  We also did a reading based on a system called the Sphinx Code, but that will be discussed in a future post.

So I learned (enough to be dangerous) about Human Design. I’d love to share with you some lessons about how it fits into Leadership of the future. I’ll also share a few of my ah-ha moments from having my chart read. I’ll give you some websites where you can get your basic chart as well as information about reaching out to an experienced Analyst to give you more insight.

What is Human Design?

I turned to Irina’s website to find out more about Human Design and how it can help us with decision-making as leaders.

This definition illustrates the complexity of the system and how it combines wisdom from many traditions combined together (from the website):

The Human Design System is a revolutionary science that blends in a unique perspective of four ancient traditions (Ching, Chakras, Astrology, and Kabbalah) with modern sciences – genetics and astrophysics. This unique and powerful tool has proven its efficiency in providing exceptional details on what an individual truly is. It’s a synthesis of ancient knowledge and modern science, and a valuable tool for human understanding.”

How is it Helpful for Leadership Style?

To a certain extend, leadership is about making “right-aligned” decisions. Also from Irina’s website, this excerpt explains how a better understanding of oneself creates a better leader:

Human Design System introduces you to correct decision-making process which creates a positive outcome, which arrives as a result of living your design. It shows you how different you are from others and creates the potential to live your uniqueness.” 

Your Bodygraph…tells you about your Type and Authority, as well as the ‘mechanics’ behind your actions. Hearing this information for the first time is an incredible experience and can be shocking. You will recognize the deep truth about yourself when you hear it. From the moment of your chart interpretation, you will discover essential principles that give you practical guidance in your life and help you live a more fulfilling and satisfying life.”

Why is Human Design important to consider for future leadership?

When I started reading about the teachings of Human Design’s founder, Ra Uru Hu, it got a little creepy.

Meaning, we are in the middle of a huge shift.  The creepy part is that I have been feeling it.  (Have you?).

Ra Uru Hu predicted that 2027 will be the end of an era.

The era we are currently in is called the “Uranian mutation” which began in 1781. This era was created by humans’ pursuit of societal structures and agreements. We’ve relied on institutions to take care of us and provide us structure.

The next era will be more about individuality. As a leader, you will want to “differentiate” yourself by living the truth of your design. That means getting to know your design and then trusting your inner decision-making authority.

What were some ah-ha moments in having my Human Design Chart read?

  • My “type” as a Manifesting generator. There are 5 types (or 4 if you lump together Manifesting Generators with Generators). I’ll let you read about them on Irina’s site (scroll down to “THE FOUR TYPES”). For me, it was validating to hear about my propensity to be geared towards the future (true!) and how much I love to multitask/work on many projects at once (so true!).
  • My incarnation cross as the “left cross of wishes”. This incarnation cross is all about leadership for change in the “law” (the way things operate). My understanding is about wishing for a better future, likely why I’m involved in efforts such as Nurture (nutrition education for children and families as part of the movement to resolve issues in the food chain and nutritionally related diseases).
  • My profile as 6/3. Irina said that the first number is my conscious profile and that the second is unconscious. You can read more about the six lines of the hexagram here., but essentially six is about leadership and trust, and three is about discovery through trial and error. There is a timeline for six profiles, and interestingly age 50 is a turning point when the pressure is on for me to be a role model and look to a better future, and embody it. To be satisfied, I must play a bigger game. From about age 30 to age 50, my profile is said to “withdraw”, but that was my period of being in an intense mother-role. Manex reminded me that to “sacrifice” (pull back from my higher profile career as a management consultant to Fortune 500/10 companies) was “to make sacred”.
  • How to make decisions.  I heard from both Manex and Irina how important it is to listen to my body. I believe we must ALL start listening more to the wisdom of the body. For me, working on projects that I love and am passionate about is a MUST. Excitement must be part of my life and work. Knowing your Human Design can help you to understand what gives you energy and how you can choose from the many paths and projects that business and life puts in front of you as a leader.

The above is merely scratching the surface about what can be learned from a Human Design reading. You can use the links below to get a basic read. 

FUN next step for YOU:
Link to basic Human Design reading (free)

Links to Irina and Manex

Irina Maryanchik

In 2021 Irina’s primal focus is on educating people about their Human Design with the intention to prepare them for the upcoming human mutation of 2027.

Manex Ibar

Manex is a natural mystic shaman, and recognized global leader in conscious energetics and shamanism.

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