Happy Healthy Holiday Advice: Five Foods to Avoid (EZ Rock Interview)

I was asked to come on one of my favorite radio shows to give some fun and fast nutrition advice around the holidays.

The segment I was asked to provide input on was called “Five Foods to Avoid around the Holidays”.

Since this topic was about “avoiding” (not “adding”– GOOD foods), I was a bit out of my comfort zone in terms of giving nutrition advice. Anyone who has heard me speak to groups about nutrition knows that I’m not about forbidden foods.

But it was my friend Wayne of the “Wayne and Jayne Show” who asked me to come on, and I wanted to help him out and share great advice with his audience.  I also LOVE his music choices and felt that there was an opportunity to increase my coolness factor with my own kids.  I missed out on some morning routine time and told them I needed to “go be on Wayne’s radio show”.

It started over breakfast when I went to check my email to see if I would be interviewed that morning.  I said out loud as I read my email:  “Cool! Wayne wants me to be on his show!”.  My kids overheard this, and they got it into their heads that Mom was going to be on Wayne’s World.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 9.07.10 AMCoolness factor:  Rising.

“Party on Wayne.”
“Party on Mom.”

The reality is that the real Wayne is broadcasting on the EZ Rock show broadcast from BC Canada.

Still cool in my mind. Here’s the short (5 minute) segment:

What are the five foods to avoid? Here they are:

  1. Sugary beverages. Read more. 
  2. Artificial sweeteners
  3. Trans fats (and their current replacements) in frosting.
  4. Artificial coloring
  5. Hot dogs

Yes, hot dogs were listed recently as a food causing cancer.  Sorry to all folks that love eating them at the baseball games!

Back to the scene at my house that morning:  The interview was streaming live, and I came back into the kitchen after my interview and jacked up the volume.  Who was playing right after my interview?  Imagine Dragons.

“Mom, you were on the radio right before IMAGINE DRAGONS!?”

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 9.11.56 AM

Coolness factor: Rising even more.  I’m officially a cool mom.  (For now).

Final tip.  Don’t correct your kids if they assume you are cooler than you really are.  And have a happy and healthy holiday season! 🙂

If you like Imagine Dragons, my son Alexander made this video that always makes me ache for good times on the mountain. It’s really my kids that are the cool dudes in my household.

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