It’s National Soup Month – Recipes to Try

January is National Soup Month. It makes sense, with the days being shorter and colder temperatures where we live. 

Soup really does support the immune system, and soup is aligned with eating with the seasons, which I advocate for optimal health.

Many people think of soups as just chicken broth and veggies, but there are so many variations you can try.  

I’m going to start with the basics in this post (Chicken Soup for the Soul), but I’d like to expand your horizons by adding a few variations to a simple soup recipe. I’ll highlight four recipes in total, going from the most basic to the more exotic.

You can access the recipe by clicking on the title, and I’ve added a few notes to encourage you to continue to experiment and have fun!

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Start with this recipe and study the Slow Cooker Recipe Framework from Nurture.  The framework will allow you to gain confidence in making substitutions. Using leftovers or what foods you have on hand is a great practice in making soup.  

Egg Drop Soup

I never knew that you can simply scramble some eggs and drop them into a boiling soup for some fast protein until I tried this recipe. It just might change the way you enjoy eggs.

Lentil Stew

Most people think of Chili when they think of hearty and thick soups. Lentils are a wonderful substitution for beans and come in several varieties and colors. Also, a great way to pack in some greens to support your immune system during the cold and flu months.

Julia’s Carrot and Orange Soup

Here we are starting to get more exotic with interesting combinations. My friend Julia is very confident in the kitchen and loves to experiment. The fennel, carrot, and orange combination is amazing, and the spices she used were fun and new to me.

In the cold winter months, we eat soup just about every day. Great for the body and soul.


P.S. you can go to this recipe database and click on “soups” on the search area on the left for many more ideas.

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