Three Tips to Meet Your New Year’s Goals

The New Year is a great time to set resolutions, yet research shows that only 7-9% of folks actually keep their resolutions.

I thought about the Star Wars movies that my family and I watched during the holidays.

Man, Jedi sure do get a lot done.

How!?  I thought…

We made some observations and organized three tips for you to start your year off with the highest probability of accomplishing your goals.

Here are three things that Jedi’s do to get it all done:

#1. They pause in the whirlwind of activities.  Take a deep breath.  Maybe close your eyes and connect with yourself within.  Quigon Jinn paused for brief moments of mediation even as he fought Darth Maul.  We can take a pause in between holiday errands, parties, and New Year’s to-do lists, right?

#2.  They feel a connection to something greater.  Volunteer, get involved in your community.  Understand that we are all connected through something we can call the Universe, God, Goddess, All that Is, or just… The Force. 🙂

Watch this video of when Quigon Jinn explains the Midichlorians to Annican.  They are behind the force that binds us together:

And here, Obi Wan explains the Force to Luke:

3.  They stay free of the clutter.  I mean both the physical clutter and mental clutter.

Happy New Year! 🙂

Looking for more information about setting goals? I’ll suggest two more resources:

1.  This article from Forbes has some great examples for your goal setting process.

2. This video from Marie Forleo walks you through a process to get unstuck.

3. This is for those of you that want to go more in-depth. An hour-long masterclass led by me, called “Six Steps to your Amazing New Year”. Enjoy!

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