Jerry Maguire and Help ME help YOU

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 8.16.19 AMHa ha ha. Sometimes when things are tough, annoying, and frustrating, you just gotta laugh.

These past two weeks, since the launch of my book Mountain Mantras, I have been struggling with my book distributor to PLEASE stock up the channels so that the book is available.

It has gone out of stock several times on Amazon, and I have heard from bookstores that it is not easy to get given how slowly the channels are being populated.  I have received several frustrated emails from people saying, “I want to buy your book but I can’t!”.  (Backorders were the only possibility, which I do encourage you to try if the book is out of stock).  Then I started to watch my book status on Amazon plummet from #1 Best Seller in its category…down…down… down.

So what am I gonna do?  I am going to follow my own advice, and try to smile through it.  In fact, the other night my husband and I watched this short clip from the movie Jerry MacGuire, and we laughed and laughed.  I was just like Jerry, all desperate and wanting to kick the walls- why won’t my distributor work with me!?  -and then I was laughing.  I really want to help people with my book, (I would help the distributor if we can stock up and sell books as they make money too), and of course I am hoping to help worthy causes with the book.

You can read about the cool Giving Back program associated with the book.

But you might want to watch this only ONE MINUTE video if you are in need of a laugh like I was.  Help ME help YOU! 🙂

Jeff particularly liked the “up at dawn, pride swallowing SIEGE” part.  Ring a bell to anyone?  Enjoy:


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