Join Me at the Elevate Leadership Summit on May 17

Creating change in today’s world requires much more than efficiency, effectiveness, and highly refined skillsets. Leaders gain followers not through perfection, power and logic, but through authenticity, connection, and emotion.

Throughout the history of man and womankind, we have connected with each other through storytelling. Our primal brains are wired to interpret the world through stories. People we want to lead are much more likely to be moved by stories more than facts. Today’s most effective leaders must therefore be able to be great storytellers and must also understand the various ways to make these stories spread far and wide.

On May 17, I’ll be speaking on this topic, “Inspiring Others Through Authenticity” at the first annual Elevate Leadership Summit at the L.E. and Thelma E. Stephens Performing Arts Center in Pocatello, Idaho.

Please visit the website for this event and Get your ticket to attend.

In this action-oriented presentation, I will first provide a framework for creating a great story. She will show attendees how they can mix elements from their own experiences to tell a moving story. The talk will proceed to tactical methods including book writing and publishing, podcasting, and video imagery that will allow leaders to create their very own “story bank” to inspire others.
I hope to see you there!

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