The Rock Your Money Summit (Financial Wellness)

I’ve written about financial wellness in the past, and I’m extremely excited to offer my audience a new fun resource on how you can get your financial situation in rock-solid (fun) shape.

It’s the Rock Your Money Summit, hosted by my friend Megan McCann.

This series has passed, but I’ve got a recording of my interview with Megan that will hopefully allow you to Make Money Fun.

In 20 minutes, we cover:

  • How to educate yourselves (and your kids) about money in a fun way
  • How to transfer money around including making money and spending money (including paying bills) while having fun (also see Ken Honda’s work) 
  • How to spend more time with money in a delightful way (and understand that time and money are almost interchangeable), including a “positive personification” of money:

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