Join the Rock Your Money Summit (Financial Wellness)

I've written about financial wellness in the past, and I'm extremely excited to offer my audience a new fun resource on how you can get your financial situation in rock-solid shape.

It's the Rock Your Money Summit, hosted by my friend Megan McCann.

This free series of expert speakers (which includes yours truly) will allow you to re-write your money story (if you need to), take action in your business, and manifest financial freedom.

Sound good?

Why not learn from 15 top money experts on the exact steps to creating financial abundance and success in your business? The series starts on Monday, October 21st. Claim your seat now! 

Learn how to…

  • Use the “Profit First Method” so you're maximizing the amount of money you're making in your business
  • How to allocate the money you're making
  • Mindset hacks you need to shift today so that money comes to you more easily
  • How to price out your programs effectively and give yourself a raise
  • How, where, and when to invest your business revenue
  • Hear tips from our entrepreneurs who bootstrapped their business to now generating 6 and 7 figure businesses
  • Effective sales conversations so you're booking them more often and increase your conversions
  • How to protect yourself legally and save the money you're making
  • Smart budgeting practices

I look forward to seeing you there! 


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