Thank you so much for your help launching the Positive on Publishing Podcast!

Thank you so much everyone for your amazing support in helping me to get the Positive on Publishing Podcast launched.

Yes, I’ve been doing these interviews on radio for years, but podcasting is a way to reach thousands if not millions more people!  These episodes are just a little more cleaned up and have nice intro and outro music.  And they are distributed on the major networks such as itunes, Stitcher, and Google Play.

My goal is to hit #1 on New & Noteworthy on itunes.  But I’ll need to count on a little help from my friends 🙂  Getting the podcast to this level on itunes takes reviews, ratings, and subscribers.  So I am asking you to please review, rate and subscribe.  It is easy– My favorite way is to open itunes, search for Positive on Publishing, subscribe, rate and review!

Otherwise, my launch coach and I laid out the following detailed steps below with screen shots (assuming you’ll do the steps from your computer).  If you are doing it from your phone, please let me know (and I’ll see if I can get you some modified instructions).  Let’s make this world a more fun and meaningful place! 🙂

Step 1:  Go to itunes by clicking on the App on your phone or computer.  It looks like this:




Step 2: When you are in the search section of PODCASTS, type in “Positive on Publishing”.  Something like this (see below) should come up.  Click on the icon for the show (the little square image for the show) on the bottom left.






Step 3: When you Click on the the Positive on Publishing Podcast, the show will come up.  It should look like this:


Step 4: See were it says “Details?” JUST TO THE RIGHT of that, you want to click on “Ratings and Reviews”.  It should look like this:


Step 5: See that little white button that says “Write a Review”? Please click on it and follow the prompts.  You just click on the number of stars and write a sentence or two. Takes 30 seconds. Please leave an honest review (and 5 stars is always appreciated!). 🙂

Step 6: You can subscribe button (below the artwork) and confirm your subscription

PRIZES!  Email me so that I can send you a free gift (you can select from any of my books and receive a free e-copy).   It is my way of saying THANK YOU for participating in this important launch.  🙂

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