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The following is a newsletter I sent out to my list at the end of November 2022 after being MIA for six months.

The response to this newsletter was unlike what I’ve seen in the past.

Friends, acquaintances, clients, and even media reps reached out by hitting “reply” and letting me know their thoughts.

I got emails from people that are not even on my list, but that had read the message after having someone forward it to them.

Thank you, everyone, for sharing and caring! WOWZA.

Here is what Mary had to say:
We met in Rod’s Emergent Coaching a couple of years ago.
Just to say that I’m deeply touched by your message.
Thanks for being so real and kind. 
Sending love and healing wishes

I realize that people don’t appreciate it when you present yourself with:
“I’m fine!”
“Everything is perfect!”
“I don’t need any help!”

In other words, people don’t like it when you lie.

So can we start to follow Don Ruiz Miguel’s advice from The Four Agreements and Be Impeccable with Your Word?

I get it – if someone asks “how are you” in passing, maybe vomiting all over them with your latest crises and challenges is not the best approach.

But if you are a spokesperson, an influencer, or even a “wanna-be” like me, can we be more authentic and vulnerable? It’s just a question.

Here’s the newsletter. Feel free to join my email list to join the “fun”!
Yikes. I totally missed Black Friday. I’m a disaster. I’m eating ice cream right out of the pint as I write this.  Mopping up the tears from my wee pillow. It’s been a hard year for me so far.

I’m back in Evanston, IL, where I went to Elementary, Middle, and High School. Elementary school makes me think of bad grades, getting into fights on the playground (and in class), and going to the Principal’s office.

Middle school?  I was the biggest wanna-be you ever saw, with my Sun-In orange hair and never being able to do what the popular girls could. (Sing? Dance? Do the splits? I could barely touch my toes).

My parents got divorced throughout these years (yes, divorce took that long in those days). I won’t go into all the stories about childhood drama, but I remember some.  Repressed the rest. 

High school? Terrifying. I looked for any way to “check out,” from sleeping through classes to drinking alcohol to playing one half of Dumb and Dumber – and often ending up in the ER. I don’t think I ever stopped moving; just fueled by anxiety in “a race not to face” what I was feeling inside.

Now, I’m back to my roots. I’m ready to face it all. Finally. I’m going on an inward journey. Want to join me?

This journey will be documented to some degree on my new channel on TikTok. Yes, I decided to get an account after friends sent me enough good stuff (to cheer me up) that I decided this platform was worth being a part of. Follow me here.

I’ve also started a new Instagram account.

Why are these new accounts under the name “Kat Woman”?

I used to hate cats, but now I love them. After having yet another NDE (Near Death Experience), I appreciate that cats have nine lives. I’m not sure if I’m in my last life, but I’m getting the sense that I must make the most out of every day. And I want to invite you to do the same.

Why am I crying wee tears and have friends that are trying to cheer me up? In six months, I’ve moved 14 (yes, FOURTEEN) times, learned that I have an alarming brain condition, and undercovered another potential autoimmune disorder within my fragile physical system. During all this, my husband filed for divorce, and my daughter is not speaking to me.

To make matters worse, or perhaps just more laughable (what else can I do?), I’m going through menopause AND feel OLD.

Now, I’m back in my hometown, licking my wounds and feeling even older. Aye Carumba.

But wait! I’m supposed to be the “Positive Psychology lady” who talks about “mantras” for being in optimal states, which means putting a smile on my face!

What am I to do?  I guess I’ll start with baby steps. I’m hoping to listen to my own advice.* I’m embarking on an inner journey. I’m trying not to mess up anything else and hoping to repair what I have broken.

*The baby steps link goes to an interview I did on WGN back in 2015 with Jen Weigel. I’m excited to be back in Chicago with friends like Jen! 

I know: Only I can repair me. And only you can repair you.

After all, no one is more of an expert on you than YOU.

Consider joining me, if you like, for your inner journey. 

And hey, even though I’ve been MIA for six months and missed Black Friday, the deals I was going to tell you about are still on.  So check them out, one for each of the areas of Wellness, Publishing, and Nutrition.  Make them all fun if you can!

WELLNESS- ​​Make Menopause Fun. My dear friend Dr. Anna Cabeca is having a Black Friday Sale on her best-selling products.  She and I met when I was 49 and still relatively clueless about the important steps women can take to make perimenopause and menopause a little more graceful. So I am always happy to support her and her wonderful products. Check them out here.    

PUBLISHING- Fun Black Friday Deals for Writers. With so many tools and courses available for writers, it can be overwhelming. We partnered with Kindlepreneur to provide you with awesome resources at a discount. Check them out here.

NUTRITION- Give to the Nurture Program to Support healthy eating. With the holiday season in full swing, I am thinking about ways to give back. One of the best things that you can do when you feel “down” is to help others. Is there a group or a community that you’d like to support?  Nurture is set up to provide grassroots efforts around nutrition and health for families in need. Our materials are available in both Spanish and English.  With programming in place for over a decade, we’ve served young children, teen moms, prenatal and postnatal moms, and children and families in schools and non school settings. Reach out to me and let me know if you have any programs you’d like to support.

Here’s to hoping for a brighter and more fun-filled December! 
Kathryn (Kat Woman) 

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