A Leap to #1 New Release on Amazon

My husband asked me why I was so panicked this week.

Jeff:   Hey, let’s go to dinner to tonight.
Me:   What!?  I have do much to do!  My new BOOK has LAUNCHED!  Don’t you UNDERSTAND!?
Jeff:  Yeah. So I thought you were going to be a little more chilled out this time.
Me:   YES, but now that I’m writing about PUBLISHING I have to WALK MY TALK, RIGHT!!??
Jeff:  You mean, freak out?
Me:   Running to pour myself a glass of wine.
Jeff:  Wide-eyed as I gulp.
Me:   Well, I talk about how you have to get reviews, and shoot for a #1 New Release, and then bestseller on Amazon if you are really looking to use the book to build a business.  So I have to DO IT.
Jeff:  Ok, I’ll write you a review.
Me:   You CANT!!  We have the SAME LAST NAME!
Jeff:  Ok, I’ll buy your book, no worries (goes and calls his mom, who proceeds to buy 4 dozen copies)
Me:  OMG!!  I got the #1 New Release TAG!!!
Jeff:  Yeah. (Gives me a hug).  Now let’s go to dinner and celebrate. (Smile)

Now I have to say, the above is not the real story (although I DO think that happened for the release of our kids book that our son Alexander illustrated, thus Grandma is HIGHLY invested in buying copies for all of her friends-haha).

The key to a book launch is getting a great book launch team together.  I did that (and you can still get involved if you like) for the release of Look Before You Leap: The Smart Author’s Guide to Avoiding the Money Pit and Achieving Financial SUCCESS in the Publishing Industry over a period of many weeks.

Author community is key. That is why I’m also in the process of putting together an amazing program called Make Publishing Fun.

I hope you’ll be in touch if you are interested.  I’m doing a free webinar during the month of April (and a follow up in May), and I’d love to involve you.

Part of Look Before You Leap‘s release is also tied in to my speaking gig at Publishing University.  Might you be there?  Come say hello! 🙂

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