Three Lessons for Slowing Down

Relaxing has to do with being present, focusing on taking care of ourselves, and simply taking a moment to breathe.

I believe that this is more important now than ever as we continue to go through challenging times. We all need a break from our fast-paced, often hectic, and potentially disconnected lifestyles.

I’d like to share some important lessons from conversations I’ve had recently with guests on my podcasts, Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons

Here are the top three:

Lesson #1: Presence is the key to connection. (Sam Liebowitz)

Lesson #2:  Don’t compare your inner world to other people’s exterior world. (Dr. Michael DeMaria)

Lesson #3: Breathe from your belly for relaxation. (Mira Binzen)

Lesson #1:  Presence is the key to connection. (Sam Liebowitz)

Sam Liebowitz is known as The Conscious Consultant, a facilitator, mentor, speaker, healer, and serial entrepreneur. He is the author of the #1 best-selling empowerment book, Everyday Awakening.

Here are nine “mantras” from our interview: 

Mantra #1:  Life happens for us, not to us.

Mantra #2:   Pain comes from loss and because of our attachments. We discuss a process that Sam facilitates with Laurie Seymour on “letting go of attachments”. 

Mantra #3:  Letting go of attachments can open up the door to freedom.

Mantra #4:  Loss is transformation.

Mantra #5:  Don’t judge your experiences as either “good” or “bad”.

Mantra #6: Failure is how we learn.

Mantra #7: We are not broken, and we don’t need to be fixed.

Mantra #8: We are all perfectly imperfect.

Mantra #9: Enjoy the journey.

Sam finds it fun to surprise people when they least expect it.  You, too, can surprise yourself and others with more joy and presence in your everyday life. 

Lesson #2: Don’t compare your inner world to other people’s exterior world (Dr. Michael DeMaria)

Dr. Michael DeMaria is an integrative psychologist, bestselling author, poet, speaker, and 4-time Grammy-nominated recording artist. He is a long-time yoga/meditation teacher and the author and creator of the Peace Within Process for Integrative Wellness. 

Here are five “mantras” from our interview:

Mantra #1: Remember that “mindfulness” can be powerfully translated as heart, mind, now.

 Mantra #2: Connect with the heart through the senses (being grateful for what you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel).

 Mantra #3: Heal from the “thinking disease” by understanding: “I am not my thoughts, my thoughts are not reality”.

Mantra #4: Use the breath as your “go-to” tool for taming the monkey mind.

Mantra #5: Remember that vulnerability can be beautiful and that our gifts are born through our wounds.

Dr. DeMaria’s passion is to help people find their inner peace. Try taking deep breaths during your busy, stressed, and overworked days. Remember, the only approval of your life that you have to seek is yours. 

Lesson #3: Breathe from your belly for relaxation. (Mira Binzen)

Mira Binzen is the Director of Training for Global Family Yoga. She has been training people to teach yoga to children since 2002 and is a registered Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance at the 500-hour level (E-RYT, RCYT), a certified iRest Yoga Nidra teacher, and a professional Integrative Yoga Therapist.

Here are six “mantras” from our interview:

Mantra #1: Get outside.

Mantra #2: Protect some unstructured time in your day.

Mantra #3: Keep a gratitude journal.

Mantra #4: Practice alternate nostril breathing.

Mantra #5: Set the tone for bedtime (it sets the tone for how you wake up).

Mantra #6: Pause, and breathe, THEN choose.

Mira’s blend of playfulness and professionalism provides an engaging, safe and joyful experience for all to find their inner resource and take a step towards a better world.

Enjoy National Relaxation Day by following the lessons above.

Thanks for reading.

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