Make 2023 Fun (Con Emily Fletcher)

New Year’s Resolutions are dead.

What’s taking their place? Enthusiastic Gratitude, Inspired Manifestations & Infinite Receiving.

When I first heard these phrases, my first reaction was a big ol’ eye roll.

But the truth is, getting intentional about manifesting your dream for yourself, for your health, for your bank account, for your future – is all rooted in fact.

Or so my dear friend Emily Fletcher assures me.

Yes, I’m going through UN CHORRO (Mexican slang for a “shitshow”) myself. The whole NDE, family meltdown, and health crisis.

But thanks to Emily, I’m leaving all that shit behind.

Thanks to Emily, my themes for 2023 are all about STAY and PLAY.

Besides being a Goddess who I’ve had the honor of dancing the night away with, Emily is the founder of Ziva, creator of The Ziva Technique, and the bestselling author of Stress Less, Accomplish More.

Nearly 50,000 people worldwide use the Ziva Technique, including Oscar award-winners, Navy Seals, NBA players, Olympians, and folks from Apple, Google, and Harvard.

Now, you can learn from her, too.

She is a master meditation teacher and is now bringing the powerful (and effective) art of manifesting to the masses. When I heard about how Emily is kicking off her 2023, I knew it would be epic – so I asked if I could bring you along for the ride.

You’re invited to a very special, free event where you’ll celebrate all your 2022 successes AND challenges, offer enthusiastic gratitude for your learnings & place the order for what you’re ready to receive in the upcoming year.

Design the 2023 of your dreams by…
– Giving enthusiastic gratitude for your 2022 successes and challenges
– Setting activating goals & stop the inevitable shame cycle that comes with New Year’s resolutions.
– Choosing a word that you want to live into throughout 2023.
– Manifesting your big dreams for your personal, professional, physical, and spiritual life.
– Overcoming stress and anxiety so you can hear your own divine guidance
– Learning to use just 2% of your day to make the other 98% ridiculously easy

BUT that’s not all…(It’s like a Ginsu knife commercial!):

Emily gave me the heads up that anyone who shows up live to Design Your Dream 2023 will have the chance to win a gift worth $25,000.

So sign up to the Design Your Dream 2023 with Emily. Even if you can’t make it, sign up and get the replay.

Are you ready for 2023 to be the best yet?

I’m ready to get through all the shit and jet set!

Woo hoo!

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