Make a Difference in the Life of a Child Today

July is National Make a Difference for Children Month.

What can you do to help a child in your life?

There are so many ideas to choose from, perhaps pick something that makes you happy and then share it with others. In my case, I love books and I love food.

Here is a story of how I incorporate books and food to create events that are fun for me and also make a difference in the lives of many children.

As the Founder and Executive Director of Nurture (, I have been working with children and families through nutrition and cooking classes for over a decade.  I noticed that kids love to get inspired and empowered and then TEACH their own parents about healthy eating.  When we turn the tables on who is the expert (and let the kids be in charge at times), some magic can happen.

How can we allow the kids to be the experts?  Give them fun reading materials that teach them key concepts (like eating a rainbow of fruits and veggies) so that they can show and tell their parents.

I’ve donated thousands of dollars worth of books to schools and programs for kids, mostly the Give It a Go, Eat a Rainbow book series. You can grab a FREE copy (PDF) of the first book in the series here.

This video shows a recent visit to a preschool where we did a reading of the book, a food tasting, and an art activity.

Now just to be sure that kids are eating a rainbow of FRUITS and VEGGIES (and not Skittles and Lucky Charms), the book’s sequel emphasizes that a healthy (REAL) rainbow comes from Mother Nature. The sequel is called  “Where Does a Rainbow Grow?” and introduces kids to our new character, Sammy the bunny:

This book has truly set off a revolution in terms of kids eating their fruits and veggies. Here is some of the feedback we’re getting:

*My son (18 month) drags the book around with him all day, stopping from time to time to just sit and stare at the pictures.

*My daughter (age 8), asked for a green smoothie after reading the book, something I’d been asking her to try for months!

*My granddaughter (12 months) loves the book.  She opens her mouth and acts as if she wants to eat the page!

*When our kids (ages 8 and 10) don’t want to try a new healthy food, we just ask “Would Kathryn and Alexander try it?” (and then the kids eagerly and bravely try the healthy food)”.

How can you make a difference in the life of a child today!


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