Make Self-Care Fun with My Girlfriend Dr. Anna Cabeca

I had the very real challenge of making something fun that I was dreading: turning the big 5-0.

Yes, I was born on the very first Earth Day (back in 1970).

Most of my family called me the “earth baby”. But you can easily do the math and see that in 2020, the word “baby” no longer applies. In fact, my own “babies” (my two kiddos) are now both young adults (!).

I will share the GOOD NEWS that I did Make Turning Fifty Fun, thanks to my new friend, Dr. Anna Cabeca.

Anna and I met when I was 49 and still relatively clueless about the important steps women can take to make perimenopause and menopause a little more graceful (and fun!). She gifted me a copy of her wonderful book, The Hormone Fix, which happened to coincide with the unit I was doing in the ADAPT practitioners program (functional medicine) with Chris Kresser which emphasized the DUTCH test.

I did the test, and man- was I in need of support!

Yes, I eat well, exercise, and even practice stress reduction techniques, but it was time to take a few extra steps to make sure that I didn’t turn into a shriveled, yet overweight, roller-coaster emotional 50+-year-old version of myself!

I wanted to make those few extra steps fun.  Here are my TOP THREE fun tips for making self-care fun, especially for the woman who wants to be the fit & fun version of herself into her more mature years!

Tip 1: Get more green into your diet.  I won’t get into all the details about how women need to detoxify estrogen to avoid syndromes like estrogen dominance (hello, variations in the COMT gene; ugh). Dr. Anna has a free ebook called Making Keto Work for Women Over 40. Get your free copy here.  If you’re like me and enjoy recipes, she also has a wonderful (free) recipe book so you can taste for yourself how delicious her Keto-Green approach is.  Dr. Anna has been busting her (beautiful) butt to get all of this ready in time for the launch of her NEW book, Keto-Green 16. The link to the book provides seven bonuses that you get for ordering the book during the big release period (May 2020).

Tip 2: Boost your energy in new ways.  Dr. Anna developed a product called Mighty Maca that can replace afternoon caffeine, cool hot flashes, and support healthy weight regulation.  Sound too good to be true?  Try a FREE trial pack (thanks to an offer Dr. Anna provided to my readers, yay!).

Tip 3: Take great care of your female power parts.  Or “delicate” parts, or however you lovingly want to refer to them. Dr. Anna’s product, Julva, is becoming legendary thanks to users talking about how it rejuvenates, soothes, and stimulates(!). Again, I am blown away by the generosity of Dr. Anna has she has offered a FREE TRIAL of JULVA here.


Read Dr. Anna’s post about the Healing Power of Fun.

Watch Dr. Anna and I chat about How Fun Fits in Now (During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic) on this FB Live we did together!

Listen to us girlfriends talk shop on my Positive on Publishing podcast interview with her.


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