Ask for Support for Mental Wellness: Tips for Surviving COVID

I hope you have enjoyed my posts so far on how my family is surviving COVID. The idea is to share what we’re going through so that, if and when it hits your house, you have a resource to turn to.

The latest in our house: our 17-year old son started having a sore throat yesterday, the exact first sign that alerted our daughter that she might be showing symptoms.

We’ve got him on soup, lots of water, and some key supplements, and mama is chasing him around a little with throat sprays (more on that later).

I’m seeing that what we are doing with/for our son follows the basic advice I’ve covered in these previous posts:

1. Let Food Be Thy Medicine
2. Stay Well Hydrated
3. Sleep is the Best Medicine
4. Start or Boost your Spiritual Practice
And today’s content: Ask for Support for Mental Wellness 

I don’t know about a spiritual practice at this point for him, but he is resting in bed and off the video games, which seems like a step in the right direction. 🙂

Before I dive into the content around “Ask for Support for Mental Wellness,” I wanted to share some of the amazing take-aways I got from attending the Women’s Wisdom in Times of Crisis.  Here are the top three based on what both Marianne and Lynne Twist shared. 

  • Worry is a form of negative manifestation” (a re-quote from Dr. Michael Beckworth)
  • “The virus is medicine” (Lynne Twist, who works with indigenous people and is a global leader of The Hunger Project) made this interesting statement. Note: she was not belittling this pandemic or saying it is a good thing. To summarize, it was more about the fact that it was created for us (rather than just happening to us) from mother Earth, so that we could learn some deep lessons
  • We are coming into the “the Sophia century”. This is a time when women will take their rightful power and the world will come into balance.  Sounds amazing!

Lynne also shared a few “toxic myths” that are worth contemplating:
Toxic myth #1: It is a zero-sum game (in order for you to get ahead, someone else must be behind)
Toxic myth #2: More is always better
Toxic myth #3: There is not enough (to feed everyone, etc.)

The event continues today, and I bet you can still get tickets at Marianne Williamson’s website. 

Okay, on to mental wellness.  I’ve written so much already in this post, that I will just briefly mention a few of the modalities that have been lifesavers for me and my family during these times. I want to help the movement to take the stigma away from therapy. To me, therapy means that you are dedicated to the hard work of being the best version of yourself. Why would there be a stigma around that?

Modality #1: Brainspotting.  I want to give a huge shout-out to Cherie Lindberg who has been working with me and my hubby on a weekly basis to clear out the crap from our subconscious dungeons. She embodies how a Brainspotting practitioner has faith that the client will get to the answer (without the therapist having to provide any answers). She is intuitive and provides an amazing “frame” of attunement that creates a safe environment to allow the gunk to surface.  She uses the modalities use of eye position, biolateral music, mindfulness, and somatic experience, but allows for creativity as well. Thank you.

If you are reading this and want to try Brainspotting, you can do so in your own home at no cost. This video with Brainspotting therapist Deb Antinori walks you through a self-spotting exercise. Give it a try for an amazingly relaxing experience to support your mental wellness:

I am also deeply grateful to Dr. Deb Sandella, the founder of RIM (Regenerating Images in Memory) who recently had a call for all practitioners and walked us through a powerful experience online as a group. The RIM technique involves the use of our powerful imaginations to come up with solutions that we never would see otherwise (if we try to THINK our way through a problem).

Please visit my website for podcast interviews with both Cherie and Deb and much more information about how you can Make Wellness Fun during these challenging times. Stay well, inside and out.

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