My Fall Prescription: Soups

My son (9th) grade was not in school for even two weeks when he had to take his first sick day. Congestion, sore throat, the usual discomfort caused by viruses that go around like wildfire this time of year.

Mama (me) loves to take care of the sickies, so I rubbed his feet and gave him all kinds of wonderful immune boosting herbs. Of course I washed my hands like crazy and hoped that I wouldn’t catch it, but those sneezes were flying like crazy in the air. So what do you know, I wake up in the middle of the night two nights ago with a TERRIBLE sore throat.

My hubby Jeff went out and got a chicken so we could use the bones for broth, and all I’ve been thinking about (and eating) food-wise is SOUP.

I’ve been meaning to publish a few new soup recipes on my Make Nutrition Fun site, so today was the day (working from my fuzzy robe and warm slippers).

Now I’m off to a bath and bed!  ZZZZZ 🙂

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