Join Me to Learn about How to Make Nutrition Fun

I’m so excited to invite you to join in with the 30M other homes in the NY City Tri-State broadcast area where I will be interviewed by Dr. Surajit Khanna.

When? Wednesday, November 11th, at approx. 4:30 PM on WPAT Radio AM 930.

What will we be talking about?

  • How to make healthy eating fun, even on a budget
  • How to manage picky eaters (advice from the “Picky Eater Whisperer”)
  • How you can claim your free resources to Make Nutrition Fun in your own home

How to Make Healthy Eating fun, Even on a Budget
In 2008 I founded the nonprofit organization, Nurture, which has provided nutrition and health education to tens of thousands of children and adults.

Nurture envisions communities working in collaborative ways to enhance the nutrition and wellness of children and families. Nurture provides educational materials (in Spanish and English) to support learning in a fun, hands-on way. Nurture’s goal is to promote healthy lifelong habits. Its programs have often been described as “nutrition education disguised as fun adventures”.

The word “fun” is a key element of what Nurture is all about.

“Kids don’t connect to the concept of changing their behavior to avoid cardiovascular disease or diabetes,” says Dr. Guylay. “They want to run fast, have fun playing with their friends, do well in school, and feel lots of energy.”

Our recipes for adults rival fast-food pricing ($1.50 or less per serving), consist of whole foods and can be made in time-saving cooking equipment like slow cookers and rice cookers.

Our recipes for kids are kid-tested and approved, include a “get-moving” activity to get the kids physically moving their bodies, and are fun!

Our harvest recipes are designed around home and community gardens. After helping families to start gardening plots, we addressed the need to learn more about how to use foods grown such as cilantro, parsley, Swiss Chard, lettuce, tomatoes, and others.

Our cooking class resources provide Recipe Frameworks, handouts, nutrition information, and much more.

Our curriculum is extensive and spans many age groups. An example is our Elementary School program.

How to Manage Picky Eaters (Advice From the “Picky Eater Whisperer”)
I’m going to point you to my top three blog posts on this subject:

Blog post #1. 5 Tips to Turn a Picky Eater into a Healthy Eater
Blog post #2. 3 Formats to inspire your picky eater (text, audio, and video)
Blog post #3. Advice for a New Mom with a Picky Eater

How You Can Claim Your Free Resources to Make Nutrition Fun in Your Own Home
I will provide listeners with a free copy of my award-winning book for parents, Make Nutrition Fun: End Food Fights and Find Family Peace in Just 30 Days.

This book is one of the many resources included in a four-week nutrition course (free, self-paced, and online) for parents.

How “Food Feelings” Affect Your Health, and How to Eat for Optimal Energy and Well-Being, will be available for listeners/viewers via Teachable.

There are also many free companion digital resources, including a 30-day calendar of recipes and activities, a recipe e-book, audio files, and links to many additional recipes here.

Choose health for you and your family through rainbows, fun, energy, education, and inspiration.

About Dr. Surajit Khanna, Host
Dr. Khanna is an advocate for child safety and has been a longtime supporter of child safety issues.  He is the “servant” of the underserved communities. He is an attorney focused mainly on child safety issues and the implementation of the Juvenile Justice Reformation Act 2018. He is also a Champion of Voice of the Kids, a non-profit organization working on Child Safety issues. He believes in providing solutions in order to provide a better and safe future for the children and young adults, which prevents them to be incarcerated.

About Kathryn Guylay, Guest
Dr. Kathryn Guylay, Ph.D. Dr. Guylay is the founder of the nonprofit organization, Nurture, which has provided nutrition and health education to tens of thousands of children and adults.

Dr. Kathryn has written a children’s book series all about eating a rainbow of fruits and veggies, Give It a Go, Eat a Rainbow. The sequel to the book, Where Does a Rainbow Grow?, introduces farm-to-table concepts and shows kids that a healthy rainbow comes from Mother Earth. 

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