Open up to Uncertainty to Achieve Maximum Prosperity

2020 has been full of uncertainty.

Those of you, like me, who like to feel “in control,” might not like this feeling of uncertainty.

I’d love for you to consider some benefits that may arise from being in a state of openness and uncertainty.

In this post, I invite you to explore with me:

-Uncertainty is unlimited possibilities
-Uncertainty for mental wellness
-Uncertainty for business success

Uncertainty is Unlimited Possibilities
The Uncertainty Principle was proposed by Werner Heisenberg in 1925 when Heisenberg was only 23 years old (Eastwood, 2017).

This principle suggested that there is a limit to what we can know or assume about nature. Nature is complex and governed by probability and has many potential outcomes. To grapple with the potentiality of nature, Heisenberg came up with abstract mathematical matrices and shunned the idea that scientists could predict an outcome using a simple equation (Eastwood, 2017).

The uncertainty principle upends the Newtonian physics model which states that objects are made of matter with movements that can be determined by a series of equations. As applied to our own wellness and health, the uncertainty principle overturns the concept that a physician can follow a simple flowchart based on a client’s symptoms or complaints, apply a diagnostic model, and assume that the resulting treatment protocol will be effective, appropriate, and will treat the root cause.

Socrates said, “I know one thing, that I know nothing” (Susanne, 1997, p.25).

The uncertainty principle encourages us that there is no one right answer.

Instead, there are unlimited possibilities, unlimited potential.

Uncertainty for Mental Wellness
Since we are talking about uncertainty, I can’t say that we will be seeing an increase in mental illness for sure. But I do know that the isolation we are experiencing is taking a toll on the mental status of many people I know.

I have been an advocate for mental wellness and removing the “stigma” from getting help.  There are in fact many modalities I’ve studied that assist with mental wellness but are not always considered therapy.  I dedicated over two dozen episodes of my Mountain Mantras podcast to explore the modality Brainspotting, which I’m certified in (as a coach).

Brainspotting allows you to go into a deeply mindful state and explore, through a fixed eye position and bilateral stimulation, situations and memories that may be in the way of your highest potential.  One of the key principles of Brainspotting is “uncertainty” because we never know where a session might take us.

“Uncertainty is key to allowing “ah-ha” moments to arise.” (Mantra from episode 077)

Brainspotting requires unlimited creativity to listen fully and co-create an optimal process for deep and integrative healing

Uncertainty for Business Success
I’m a huge fan of setting goals, creating forecasts, and measuring progress to those forecasts.

How does uncertainty fit into business success?

One of my favorite principles of quantum physics is Quantum entanglement, also known as “spooky action at a distance.”

This principle incorporates the concept of nonlocality where a particle can affect another particle even if they are many kilometers or miles apart. Nicolas Gisin and his colleagues at the University of Geneva have done numerous studies and have measured Quantum teleportation up to distances of 1,400 kilometers (Gisin, 2017).

One of the key implications for business is: who you entangle yourself with has A LOT to do with your success.

That’s right: your clients, your business partners, your team. According to Quantum physics, you are entangled with them and affect each other at very deep levels.

Burnout is high in business, perhaps because we feel that we must “fix things” and “manage things”. This view is based on the common paradigm with the boss as a figure of authority and “in charge,”

Quantum business success suggests a shift to an entangled, co-created model of success.

Now I’m going to throw a quote of my own at you: “Everything is energy, everything is waves. If you can change your frequency/wavelength, you will communicate on a new level and create new, elevated possibilities.”

According to a Quantum theory of consciousness, our consciousness exists not within the three-dimensional view of reality, but as its own self- aware energy-information system that we can tap into, almost like tuning into a radio signal. We experience this “radio station” as thoughts, feelings, and mental images. This principle provides us with a more empowered view of how we can feel and exist in our lives. If consciousness is a form of information that we can tap into, like a radio station, we can “turn the station” and impact how we experience our own reality.

What reality do you want to create in this time of paradigm shift?


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