Keep it Out of Your Lungs: Tips for Surviving COVID

According to my very compassionate healthcare provider (who has been checking on me diligently these last two weeks), I’m at about day 14 for COVID. I am finally starting to feel like myself.

One of the things that she told me over the phone was: (I’m paraphrasing: “Kathryn, let’s be sure to keep you out of the hospital system”). 

The hospitals have been overrun in my local area, and I know that is the case in many other areas as well. So if you happen to get COVID, one of the main things you want to do is to keep it out of your lungs. And here I’ll include a little “notice” before I share any more:

Disclaimer: What I’m writing here is for information only, and no part of its contents should be construed as medical advice, diagnosis, recommendation, or endorsement by the author. You should always ask your physician or healthcare provider for her recommendation before starting any new health-related activity.

So let’s have a look at how COVID takes hold in the body. This is an excerpt from Dr. Maria Maricich’s November 17 newsletter (Thank you, Dr. Maria- I’ve included only up to Step 4 here, even though your information goes through Step 7 when things get really bad). If you want to see the whole picture (up to organ failure) for the COVID decline, Dr. Maria’s staff at The Wellness Clinic in Ketchum, Idaho, has lots of educational resources.

But here is as far as the virus got in our house:

Step 1. The virus must make it past our first line of defense—the mucous membranes.

Step 2. The virus attaches to a particular type of cell in the lungs, causing blood pressure to drop and heart rate to rise. The drop in blood pressure and blood oxygen levels may occur before any significant symptoms appear and are, therefore, worth monitoring.

Step 3. The virus replicates itself.

Step 4. The new viruses attach to more lung cells. A cough may appear.

I never got a cough, nor did my daughter or husband. So far, so good with my son.

Here is what we did, besides lots of water, humidifiers, extra clothing (we have all been cold), lots of soup, sleep, and extra nutritious foods like fruits and veggies:

  • Vitamin D 5,00o IU
  • Zinc 15-25 mg
  • Throat sprays, nasal sprays, gum, and lozenges designed to kill the bugs before they head down the throat and into the lungs.
  • Tons of other biohacking, depending on the person. I am the most into biohacking of anyone in my family, and I’ve got a lot of “toys.” Stay tuned in the days to come when I start to share some of my biohacking favorites on this blog! ????

Here are some of the products I’ve been using based on individual preferences in my family.

Keeping the mouth populated with good bugs, and not overrun with bad bugs, is a goal. My hubby doesn’t mind popping a chewable probiotic into his mouth, so we go that route for him. My son is more of a gum chewer, so I pulled this immunity gum out of the Biohackers Box that I got from Dave Asprey from attending the recent Biohackers conference.

I don’t mind being aggressive with a nasal spray, and I heard about this product at a Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy training in Atlanta this past summer. The Doctor was seeing patients all day in his clinic and said that this product was helping to keep his staff protected.

And now for the throat sprays! These are so easy to just leave on the kitchen counter and ask my kiddos and hubby to give themselves a little spray when they go by (up to about 3x a day). My favorite tasting one is Beekeepers, and I must say that I absolutely love Carly Stein as a person! Her amazing story of leaving her high-paying Wall Street career to tend the bees and our nation’s health over at Beekeepers Naturals— I say, you go, girlfriend!).

I also love what Quicksilver is up to, and their throat spray is pretty darn tasty, too. And it leaves me feeling like we are protected in our house. I recently watched a rather brilliant webinar by Dr. Shade on vitamin D, zinc, the immune system, and AMPK-activation. If I’ve lost you with the AMPK-activation thing, leave a comment and let me know if it would be worthwhile to do a blog on this interesting topic. I’m not saying I’m an expert, but I am listening to and learning from some amazing experts like Dr. Shade.

I’ve got some other Quicksilver immune-boosting products on hand, and I love them.

Finally, I’ll leave you with my hubby’s favorite only because this man is difficult when it comes to taking supplements, or sprays, or anything that seems high-maintenance. But he does like candy. So he’s been sucking on these lozenges. Like nonstop. For two weeks.

He may really need to be brushing his teeth (I’m afraid to look at the sugar contents, but I will after I finish writing this), but at least he is ingesting some things to help with his immune system.

Again, read above that this is NOT a treatment plan, and I am NOT diagnosing anyone (not even my family members-haha). Just sharing info that I hope helps you and this world.

Stay healthy!

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