Overcome Fear and Find Positivity (Interview on PCTV)

I had a great time appearing on The Mountain Morning Show in Park City, Utah to talk about Mountain Mantras and how to use positivity to overcome self-doubt and fear.

I even demonstrated the “Power Pose” (made famous by Amy Cuddy) and required that the camera man be fast on his feet to capture the host and me as we got out of our chairs with a strong wide stance and hands on hips.

I was lucky to stay on for a second segment (after the break) where we played a short game where the host pulled a question out of a cup, and I had to answer it by telling a story.

I was thrilled to share my story of “The Three Questions my Grandma Asked Me” to help me find my passion and purpose.

I hope you enjoy the interview and the chance to answer these questions for yourself. Watch:

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