Looking Forward to Being a Panelist at Publishing University

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.03.50 AMI was honored to be selected as a panelist at Publishing University next Friday, April 8 at 12:50pm in Salt Lake City. The topic? Identifying Your Publishing DNA
Moderator: Chris Kenneally (Copyright Clearance Center)
Panelists: Peter Goodman (Stone Bridge Press); Kathryn Kemp Guylay (Healthy Solutions of Sun Valley); Karla Olson (Patagonia Books); Christoper Robbins (Familus & American West Books)

 My role?  What’s it like to be a newbie in the publishing industry!? 

Answer:  It can be scary, but you’ve got to keep your smile on and connect to a sense of purpose in order to survive.  Stay tuned for an upcoming post where I analyze the publishing industry using Michael Porters’ Five Forces Analysis. The outcome for the publishing industry (in terms of competitiveness and squeeze on profits)?  It aint pretty. But hey, I’m still here, and so are the 300 or so attendees that will be listening to the panel.

More about the panel: Identifying Your Publishing DNA.  The human genome is a sequence of billions of pieces of DNA, the biological database that makes us who we are. All members of the human family share the same genome, and the countless possible variations account for our individual identities. The DNA of independent publishers is equally complex and diverse. Many IBPA members trace their roots to work as authors and editors. Others are entrepreneurs or subject matter experts, advocates, or evangelists. No matter where they came from, however, IBPA publishers of every size and genre enjoy a common heritage connected to their desire to share information and inspire the imagination. Through personal stories and case studies, panel members discuss what their individualized publishing heritage says about finding success and happiness as an independent publisher.


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