E0010: Change the World with Your Unique Talents with Jane Park Smith

Jane Park Smith is an American actress, model, published author, martial artist, healthy food lover, and speaker.

Her diversified TV credits include Reno911, Rizzoli & Isles, 24, Bones, FOX’s “Gang Related” as savory Korean mob boss Su-Jin. Her films include ”Street Warrior”, ”Quarantine”, and ”Bring It On.”

You can see Jane in “Heartbreak”… a feature film based on a true story in which she becomes a top-notch pro-pool player fighting for autistic son’s welfare. Recently released, find Jane in “Boone: The Bounty Hunter” – an action feature where Jane plays a fight specialist bad-a** Tess, a first for Jane on screen in many ways! (See the trailer below).

She is also currently in development for another passion project called “On the Grid” to expose the underbelly of sex trafficking. Read more about Jane (including links on how to learn more about her below).

Here are the TEN fun nuggets from the interview:
#1:  Books are a powerful medium because it gives the reader more openness for interpretation (and ownership)
#2:  TV and film are another way you can tell your story as an aspiring author
#3:  The arts need to be guided by the soul and inspired by the spirit
#4:  Be organized
#5:  Use your intuition
#6:  Know that timing is extremely important (whether in books, TV and/or film)
#7:  For content creators, there is no more exciting time than now
#8: To keep in balance: reset, be quiet, follow your heart
#9: Be an agent of change.  We can make magic happen together!
#10: Balance proactivity with receptivity

Also: Get a free download from Jane:  High-5 Healthy Tips (from the EATS Community)! 

More about Jane
Her heart’s driving desire is to serve and speak out for the voiceless and oppressed worldwide. Once a spokesperson for The Katrina Family Relocation Project, Jane enjoys volunteer opportunities. She’s earned a Presidential honor as a former Ms. America for her charitable community activism. Her inspirational non-fiction, Rocky the Rescue, gives 90% of proceeds of each book to animal rescue and other charities. Married to Jonathan Lee Smith, this UCLA Bruin alum hopes always to serve, empower, and unleash the unique gifts in each soul—human or not!

Be in touch with Jane

You can see Jane in a fight scene (1:26) in this trailer video for her new movie!

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