E002: Possess Your Success with Andrew McDonald

Andrew is a self-made speaker, author, and coach whose passion is to leave the world better than he found it.

He enriches lives through motivational speaking, blogging, coaching, and his self-help book on gearing your thoughts, words, and actions towards your vision of success in life.

-What was Andrew’s WHY for writing a book (wanting to leave the world a better place)
-Andrew’s writing process for Possess Your Success (a several year process)
-How important it was to have a mentor/coach to help you focus (so that Andrew could get the book out in a matter of 8 months)
-the power of visualization in keeping your mind set on your goals
-seeds and weeds (a deep dive into Andrew’s content inside of his book)

Learn Andrew’s Limitless Success method: Think It. Say It. Do It.


This podcast is sponsored by Make Publishing Fun.

More about Andrew
Growing up, he has experienced it all from living a comfortable, middle-class life to providing food on the table and financial means for the family, and everything in-between. This unique perspective leaves him with a relatable, genuine story he draws from to inspire others to succeed.

He has always aspired after success, but over time Andrew realized that if he was to be truly successful in his life goals, he must take the spotlight off himself and share his success with the world.


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